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The Blood Is Sacred

First, I refer you to a couple of references: Genesis 31:25-35 (emphasis on the last verse) and Christine’s post about feminine blood.

Second, I remind you that a great deal of Moses’ Law pulled in existing ancient custom and belief. 581 more words


God's Law Is Different 5

There is a difference between leadership and shepherding.

Leadership is a talent, a gift and calling from God. Most of us can do a little of it, but people who excel at it are somewhat rare. 987 more words



When I first started this blog I vowed I would use it only for good, as a platform for my writing. Not to insult people whose political opinion differed from mine; not to put my family on display, because they didn’t ask for the notoriety and scrutiny¬†from the public that comes with being a published author. 330 more words