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Bikes, Box, Building & Progress

15 August 2016 — Not quite as hot today, not quite as humid, so I’m out marching around town, getting some things done, frisky as a colt I tell you. 412 more words


The hard work of healing...

Well, I got through it. All I remember about the surgery itself is being wheeled into the OR being shifted onto the table and sitting cross-legged clutching a pillow hunched over so they could insert a spinal to deliver the anesthesia and pain killers. 958 more words

Lady Parts Doctor Visit

I went for my annual exam today.  You know, with the lady parts doctor.  Weirdly, I was looking forward to this appointment.  I felt I needed to touch base with Dr. 523 more words

Alcohol: A Women's Health Issue

This program by the National Institutes of Health features narratives of seven women recovering from problems with alcohol. These stories make it clear that it’s possible to miss danger signs and that social drinking can become problem drinking, which in turn can evolve into addiction. 69 more words

Get Effective Women's Health Solution From Online Consultation For Women

Now a days online consultation for women is not only available for their health issues but also for their relationship, emotional issues and career issues. Women can get online consultation from specialist doctors and mental health counsellors and career counsellors too.

Women's Health Issues

Sibley Memorial Hospital | Stephanie Dudek

I am doing my community service at Sibley Hospital for my Women’s Health Issues class. Since I do not have any clinical training, I cannot directly touch any of the patients, for instance like helping them use the restroom or change, but I am a main fixture in answering the call button and then fetching a nurse for their needs. 170 more words

The Experience