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Women's Health Issues: Special Collection on Women's Heart Health

Special Collection on Women’s Heart Health
Source: Women’s Health Issues

For American Heart Month 2015, the editorial team at Women’s Health Issues has assembled a special collection of research on women’s cardiovascular health published in the journal since mid-2011, following the release of updated American Heart Association guidelines on the prevention of cardiovascular disease in women.

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Women, who lead occupied, upsetting and requesting lives, putting other’s requirements first and their last, ought to consider taking women health supplements to avoid nutritious inadequacies in their bodies.

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I first felt it creeping back that day my roommate said I was getting fat. I was shocked. 63 kgs. I worked out 4-5 days per week. 641 more words


Creature followed me throughout the night.  He was dark and in a trench coat. I could not see his face. There was only shadows. Twitching in my inner being, there was no escaping. 193 more words


3 Months with Diabetes Type-2

Three months in — and much has changed in my life.

I feel remarkably better.  A lot of things I’d been attributing to growing older (though I’m in my 50’s) turn out to have been symptoms and side effects of high blood sugar/diabetes.  935 more words


10 Things Every Woman Can Do For Improved Health

“There’s no better way to optimal health than improving your diet and lifestyle”

We are loving this list from Dr. Amy Shah of MindBodyGreen.com, 10 Things I Wish Every Woman Knew About Health. 39 more words

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