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"...Worth reading, I'm glad to say."

It has been a daunting task just to begin sifting through the hundreds of letters, poems, and self-reflections Alice has left behind. My excitement about sharing her mind with the world helps me move forward. 572 more words


Women on the Move: Cycling and the Rational Dress Movement

On the evening of October 9, 1893, at a prayer-meeting of the High Street Methodist Church in Binghamton, New York, Samuel Stanley rose to address the congregation. 4,302 more words


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bicycles-002 Many of my readers will know about my interest in cycling and professional racing. I recently wrote an article on Australian legend Ernie Old for Cycling History. There are so many great article on this blog that it's a wonder that this article escaped my attention. I wanted to share Aaron Crisp's well researched article about the biased attitudes that prevailed against women cycling. In time, as Aaron explains, women would come to enjoy the freedom of cycling unmolested. Sensibly women's fashion also changed to suit riding a bicycle without being hindered. There is much more to this article, nonetheless I will leave it to my friend Aaron to explain. Enjoy.

Amazing Women Who Inspire Us ! Much ado about Anita Ekberg.

Only eight weeks ago, I was saddened to learn that Anita Ekberg had died at the age of 83. Long before I first really noticed Anita Ekberg through ‘adult eyes’, I saw her in Hollywood or Bust (1956) as a kid on my television screen. 637 more words


Amazing Women Who Inspire Us ! Sappho, the Greek lyric poet.

International Women’s Day is almost upon us again this Sunday 8th March. Throughout the last twelve months I have featured many women who I truly respect, appreciate and are fond of their accomplishments. 809 more words


A Day of Women's History on the Oregon Trail

Las Saturday, on Valentine’s Day (which also was my home state Oregon’s 156th birthday), I decided to venture out to the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center in Oregon City, Oregon. 532 more words

Portland, Oregon

Amazing Women Who Inspire Us ! Zina Nicole Lahr and Margaret E. Knight.

Zina Nicole Lahr

It is never fair when you hear stories about the unexpected death of someone, especially someone who is so young. Today is the 1st year anniversary of the untimely accidental death of Zina Nicole Lahr. 646 more words

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