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Amazing Women Who Inspire Us: Dame Nellie Melba

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The incredible Nellie Melba was a woman truly ahead of her time. She ignored society’s views of a woman’s place being at home, to forge herself an extraordinary career as an operatic soprano. 780 more words


Amazing Women Who Inspire Us: Turia Pitt.

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This weekend I will be watching with great interest the Hawaiian Ironman. The race itself, a test of endurance, mental strength and courage is a demanding 225.8 kilometre event, which involves a 3.8 km swim, 180 km bike ride and a 42 km run. 547 more words

Women's History

Amazing Women Who Inspire Us: Claudia Cardinale

Foreign films are a guilty pleasure in my household. Among them are some of the greats Ameile, Cinema Paradiso, 8 ½, and… 516 more words

Women's History

Hot Flashes, by Barbara Raskin***

“Hot flashes are rolls of unreasonable, unseasonable heat that create a rush—a flush that floods the face from neck to hairline. A hot flash is itchy, prickly and provocative—like a sudden spike of fever that produces a mean and cranky irritability.” 728 more words

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Empress Pulcheria: A woman truly ahead of her time.

One might wonder what the early fifth century Byzantine world would have been like if Aelia Pulcheria was not around and her younger brother Theodosius II was led by other ambitious men? 473 more words

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Anglo-Saxon Women in England

The Freelance History writer wrote an article on Anglo-Saxon Women in England for the Mittlealter website a few years ago.

On the topic of ordinary Anglo-Saxon women in England there are some limited sources of historical information. 71 more words

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The Longest Night: A Novel, by Andria Williams***-****

In her debut novel, Andria Williams gives a fictionalized account of a meltdown that occurred (in real life also) in Idaho Falls, Idaho. The narrative is intimate, the characters palpable; all told, this was a strong read. 476 more words

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