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Will the real Lady Godiva please raise your hand?

Did the real Lady Godiva actually ride through Coventry naked is a question that we have all been asking for centuries. If it is true, it may be the most famous public act of nudity in recorded history. 498 more words


My unashamed admiration for Hana Mandlikova.

In the early to mid eighties when I was a kid I was obsessed with tennis. The back of my bedroom door was covered with newspaper clippings of two of its biggest stars. 3,746 more words

Women's History

Operation Babylift

Following on the heels of my post about First Lieutenant Sharon Ann Lane, I wanted to write about the heroism of another group of women at the end of the Vietnam War. 586 more words

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Reading History: "The Alice Network" (Kate Quinn)

I hate to be a fangirl but, well, I’ve been a fan of Kate Quinn’s ever since I read her book Mistress of Rome way back when. 993 more words


Sharon Ann Lane

I usually write about ancient women on this blog—women from Classical times—because I’ve always felt like their contribution to history has been forgotten. But I recently came upon the story of another woman, a modern woman, whose story I think has also been forgotten. 520 more words

Womens History

Mother King - A life, a movement, an inspiration for these times

Before you read on, pause to view this short YouTube story about Alberta Williams King:   Then read a bit about the death of MLK’s mother here: … 319 more words

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