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Natural Deodorants that REALLY work!

This is another one of the questions I get all the time, especially in the summer….”What can I use instead of synthetic deodorant?”

More and more women are interested in switching to natural remedies for B.O. 551 more words

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Rat and Boa

Originally published on hercampus.com/school/wvu

Many wonderful people, things and ideas originate from the U.K.: rock bands like the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin, yummy foods such as pancakes and sports as popular as boxing, field hockey and tennis. 206 more words


Shack Author Paul Young's Newest Releases in Two Months

After the huge success of The Shack, many publishers were after Paul Young’s third novel, Eve. When first released, The Shack was a game-changer for Christian publishing, its commercial success rivaled only by the controversy it created, with many of the negative responses coming from people who had never read the book. 435 more words


Cafecito Break #1502: Under Construction

Cafecito Break #1502: Under Construction by Bbox_Radio on Mixcloud

Join Rosangel Perez every Friday Morning 9am-11am for a Cafecito Break. Enjoy music and talk rooted in love, wildness, & awakening truths. 9 more words


Cafecito Break #1501: BBOX PREMIERE!

Cafecito Break #1501: BBOX PREMIERE! by Bbox_Radio on Mixcloud

“Calling All Wild Women”
La Shamanessa, Rosangel Perez invites you to join her every Friday morning, 9am-11am on BBOX Radio for feel good music and talk rooted in love, wildness, & awakening truths. 9 more words


What is "Healthy Eating" Anyway?

Oh my goodness. This is probably the number two issue in my office and life coaching. (Number one is stress.) We talk about “cleaning up the diet” and “health foods” and “whole foods”…it’s SO easy for a Pixie to get turned around and upside down! 1,267 more words

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When Life Gives You Lemons

“But this kind does not go out, but by prayer and fasting.” – Matthew 17:21

(This was written several months ago on a Sabbath evening, but I am just posting.   664 more words