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What is "Healthy Eating" Anyway?

Oh my goodness. This is probably the number two issue in my office and life coaching. (Number one is stress.) We talk about “cleaning up the diet” and “health foods” and “whole foods”…it’s SO easy for a Pixie to get turned around and upside down! 1,267 more words

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When Life Gives You Lemons

“But this kind does not go out, but by prayer and fasting.” – Matthew 17:21

(This was written several months ago on a Sabbath evening, but I am just posting.   664 more words

Rainy Day Fixes for Pixies

A Rainy Day is not JUST a day during which there is rain or clouds or other wet stuff falling from the sky. A Rainy Day is ACTUALLY any day that one feels would be best spent under covers, with a book and a large mug of tea/coffee/lemon water. 654 more words

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Moontime Rituals

A woman’s (and a Pixie’s) menstrual cycle is an intense time of change, renewal, release and internal focus. Unfortunately, in today’s society, most women in the west demonize it, viewing the body as something that is rebelling against what the woman living in the body wants to do, or feel. 1,169 more words

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Sadie Goes Outside

For many years

Sadie thought

The world out there

Was somewhere

She could not fit into

And so she kept herself

To herself

And felt all alone… 155 more words

Self Care: When Life Gets Crazy, Get Caring

I am a pixie happily classified as “outgoing introvert”, which means that my self-care looks really bizarre to people who don’t know me, and perfectly acceptable to folks in my inner circle (who are few). 861 more words

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Earth-friendly Recipes for Clean Pixies

I am on a quest to make my life as clean as I can.

Clean living doesn’t mean I have the perfect diet, or live in the middle of the woods (although…a pixieNest in the middle of a forest DOES sound tempting, eh?), or even drive an electric car. 959 more words

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