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Why I'm giving up women's magazines - and what I'm reading instead


If you’ve spent any more than a minimal amount of time with me, you’ve probably heard one of my most-repeated rants – how much I hate women’s magazines. 1,438 more words


Love is a Battlefield

As a fairly young but kind of old chick (49) I have lived through my share of tainted love, survived the teen angst years and ran screaming through my twenties, skidding all the way into my thirties. 1,441 more words

Whiter Than Snow

Young ladies, we often see sexual sin as a ‘guy’ problem, which leads to there being little discussion with girls about purity in their lives. Lots of embarrassment comes along with this taboo topic, while girls continue to struggle alone because they are afraid people will think they are ‘weird’. 1,023 more words

Christian Living

The God of Surprises

About a year ago, I woke one morning feeling particularly sad. Nothing seemed to be going well in my life.  I was in a temporary job that I hated. 967 more words

Daily Tarot for Self Care

Today’s offering is in support of a previous post on rituals for moving inward. I have, over the years, done a lot of Tarot readings and study. 741 more words

Self Care

End of Summer Rituals

Guys, it’s happening. Autumn is around the corner, bless Her beautiful gowns of glowing colors and chilly breezes. It’s time to review the season we have had, and make room for the next. 751 more words

Self Care

Everything is a Miracle

by Eileen Campbell

There are so many things to marvel at in our world if our hearts can be open to them, and if we can see them without judging and distorting through our thoughts and opinions.  559 more words

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