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Gift Giving

I’ve never been impressed by grand gestures or expensive gifts.  In my opinion, they say more about the person who gives them than the recipient.  Men – and it’s almost always men – who spend lavish amounts on their women, I fancy, are satisfying their own egos rather than focusing on pleasing the one doing the unwrapping. 866 more words


Hey There....

2016 has been a bitch. A real bitter biotch. Bowie, Prince, & my Father in law. I’m hanging…but barely.

I’m in uncharted territory. I have to go into ultra show pony mode. 28 more words


Making Babies

Do other women associate the feeling of long-lasting love with the desire to create babies together, no matter how impractical or improbable?  I definitely don’t want any more children and even if I did, Mother Nature would surely slap her forehead at the notion of it being possible now.   580 more words


Podcast: Stories from a Vagabond Entrepreneur with Royce Gomez

Royce Gomez has launched 10 businesses over the last two decades and coaches women business owners around the world. She is the best-selling co-author of Discover Your Destiny, Live Your Dreams, Love Your Life, and author of 7 Beautiful Weeks and The Spontaneous Journey and she shares with us a glimpse into the spontaneous mind of a serial entrepreneur. 188 more words


Podcast: Bringing Love Back into Business with Suzanne Herrmann

“It’s about bringing love back into the business,” says Conscious Investment Banker Suzanne Herrmann. Sounds like an oxymoron, but our guest calls in old school… 139 more words


This Week In Independent Living - 2

Round two! This took longer than a week, clearly. My return from holidays landed me smack in a mound of paperwork. I’ve been alternately procrastinating and digging out since. 684 more words

Podcast: The Rise of Poca's Hottest with Wendy Davis

What happens local music meets local Chef Wendy Davis? A hot sauce company is born to support the artists. Here is the haphazard decade long journey from backyard party sauce to the aisles of Winn Dixie with… 152 more words