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Bucky's on Women's Role in the World

Bucky was a grown man long before American women got the right to vote, let alone the right to tell their husbands it was their turn to cook dinner or change diapers. 1,275 more words

Buckminster Fuller

Women Take Over Spaceship Earth

In commemoration of today’s historic event of the first woman being nominated as US presidential candidate of a major party, here is a re-release of Buckminster Fuller’s urgent message to humanity regarding the role of women in global leadership, originally published in 1968. 550 more words


Stay Out of My Playground

I think I have had just enough of mean girls.  I really thought I left that behind in the playground when I was young, but, alas, there are quite a few mean girls in the playground we call the business world.  738 more words

Center For Women's Leadership

Quiet Power: How To Move Beyond The Imposter Syndrome

When I was obtaining my Ph.D. at the University of Chicago during the mid 1990s, I was often wracked with self-doubt—that I was not good enough, smart enough, and certainly not theoretical enough to succeed at such a research-based institution. 486 more words

From dark can come light


Hello, its the first day of summer. I hope your enjoying the good weather. This is a quick post this week. I attended the Women of the Year Lecture recently, and was introduced to the most amazing woman. 186 more words

Lean In

No, I will Not Serve Coffee (by Adebisi Adewusi)

The average African woman may see nothing wrong in serving her boss coffee for the following reasons:

  1. It is her job.
  2. She feels her job might be threatened if she refuses to.
  3. 493 more words

3 Steps to tackle your limiting beliefs

 So, how are you? Done something scarey recently? Well  up until last month, its been a while since I have done anything truly scare. But in April, I bit the bullet, I met and overcame a challenge.Thats me on the left, getting into Manhattan for the first time. 288 more words

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