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Why I Didn't Feel Empowered by 'Wonder Woman'

I’ll just get this out front: I’m not your typical big box-office superhero moviegoer. Why? Because I don’t like the glorified violence, nor the gender stereotypes that one typically finds in these movies: man as hero; woman as love interest. 1,911 more words

Women's Leadership

Own the B*tch

Unless you’ve been under a rock, certainly you’ve heard the great debate about male vs. female affluence in the workplace. Said differently, I’m talking about pay inequality and all other variances that exist between a man and a woman at a 9 to 5. 984 more words

Launch of The Girl from Spaceship Earth

I am thrilled to announced the publication of my book, The Girl from Spaceship Earth.

Coming this fall, a true story about Buckminster Fuller’s utopian ideas and integrities and how they nearly wrecked a person’s life. 66 more words

Climate Change

Women in History: Venus de Willendorf

This statuette is one of the earliest representations of the human body made by humankind. Known as Venus de Willendorf, with Willendorf being the Austrian town in which she was found, it’s estimated that she was carved 25,000 years ago in the Paleolithic Period. 59 more words

Women's Leadership

Leadership Award Recipients

Women’s Leadership Award – 2017:

Laura Diviesti was awarded the 2017 Women’s Leadership Award at the Sheridan College Pilon School of Business Academic Awards ceremony on May 30th, 2017. 495 more words

Generation X Women and the rise of the She-ro

I was born in 1973, at the tail end of feminism’s Second Wave. As a young girl, I was raised to believe that men and women were equal, and that being female wouldn’t hold me back in any way from achieving my goals. 535 more words


Episode 8: This is Really Super Uncomfortable

This is the conversation we didn’t want to have, guest Erin Rand (COO of ServiceRocket, Navigator for Fast Growing Companies; Flame Igniter) and I. This is the conversation many women / femmes in senior and executive positions don’t want to have. 206 more words