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Reclaiming Womyn's Medicine

“When you resist the spirit of patriarchy disguised as a man who is trying to invade your space and take away your power and medicine, you have just healed from generational trauma and colonization of the womyns  psyche.”-Maria Teresa… 791 more words

Classical Psychology

Gendered Medicine

My last post explained that psychiatric disorders were historically inked to pelvic disease in women. Hysteria–which was a common diagnosis among females with health complaints–evolved from the ancient Greek idea that a women’s wombs could move and cause physical illness. 614 more words

Women's Health Guide (Gynecology, Yeast Infection, Menstruation, Menopause, Breast Cancer, Vagina Health)

Women’s Health Issues/ Women’s Medical Issues

There are many illnesses and medical conditions specific to women particularly in the genital and birthing area.

The most common ones are: 2,548 more words