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Jennifer Lawrence finally being paid more than her male co-stars

With an Oscar win, various other Oscar nominations, two successful franchises in The Hunger Games and X-men under her belt, Jennifer Lawrence is finally being valued above that of her less accomplished male co-stars. 123 more words


Ariana Grande wins my love with an epic tweet

I have always enjoyed her music, and her endearing Instagram posts made me a fan but in a tweet that Ariana Grande posted about gender double standards and slut shaming I am finally at the point where I will declare my love for her from the highest building. 175 more words


Did you know the first bathroom stall is always the cleanest in a public restroom?

Most women don’t. Most women try to go to the furthest stall, to get away from the traffic, and from the door, to creat some type of privacy in a public bathroom. 1,225 more words


Our Planet Needs Women In Charge

As a brown haired middle aged baseball hat wearing white guy I have had it with the rest of the upright mouth breathers running things.  Men are stupid.  648 more words

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Cosby interrupted by hecklers after sexual assault allegations

77-year-old predator called out during Atlanta show

ATLANTA — Bill Cosby’s Far From Finished tour may be over.

But, he’s far, far from finished with the sexual assault allegations. 863 more words


Conservative policies criminalizing safe sex lectures lead to massive increase in sexually-transmitted diseases in Texas schools

Crane Independent School District sends a letter to parents about diseases

CRANE, Texas — Texas mandates conservative policies on sex education, such as abstinence only, be taught at schools, with criminal bans on teachers teaching pupils about safe sex. 384 more words

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Two Marion deputies get slaps on wrist for tasing disabled woman

Cops get at least 12 months in federal jail for incident

MARION — A couple of Marion Police Office deputies will spend a paltry one-plus years in jail for assaulting a disabled woman 24 months ago. 565 more words

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