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10 Things Women Have To Give Up To Have Consistently Mind-Blowing Sex

by Bez Stone

Sexual fulfillment for women usually isn’t about adding anything extra to sex. We’ve already piled heaps of “extra” on top of our raw sexuality: extra expectations and porn-inspired standards, extra makeup and lingerie that we think make us sexier, extra moaning as we try not to take too long to cum, extra smiles to assure our partner he’s doing a good job. 2,265 more words

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7 Bizarre Victorian Era Sex Tips That Will Ruin Your Sex Life

By Michael Stevens

Getting good advice comes in handy, especially in the bedroom. A few good tips can enhance your sex life in ways you never imagined, but taking the wrong advice will do the complete opposite. 654 more words

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11 Ordinary Things Women Weren’t Allowed To Do In The ’50s And ’60s

In school, we all learned about how hard women worked to earn their right to vote during the suffrage movement, before the constitutional amendment was finally passed in 1920. 447 more words

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Download eShe July 2017 into your device

Want to read eShe’s July 2017 issue over a cup of coffee lounging in your bed? Just download it into your phone or tablet, and scroll through at your own pace! 42 more words

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The words are flying on the keyboard, the photos are being shot, the women are getting ready to speak their hearts out.

Stay tuned as…

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Daughters of Anarchy: The all female biker gang taking back the streets of Delhi

Leena Biswas is about to become one of your new favorite people. The Guardian recently did an article on the burgeoning activist movement Biswas has started on the streets of Delhi, India’s metropolitan capital. 312 more words

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