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8 emotional stages of getting a Pap Smear using Kim Kardashian gifs

There’s no denying that Pap Smears play a super important role in preventing cervical cancer and the detection of STI’s, but no one said anything about having to like them! 505 more words

Silae Vanuatu Market Association Oli Votem ol new executive member

Silae Vanuatu Market Association Oli Votem ol new executive member. Olgeta Mama blo Silae Vanuatu Market Association oli been votem ol niufala excecutive blo olgeta lo yesterday lo Saralana ground. 88 more words

B92 English vs. B92 Serbian

By chance a couple hours ago, I noticed that the front page for the Serbian news organization B92 is quite different in English and in Serbian. 624 more words


Why I decided to get the Nexplanon implant

The morning the Ohio House cleared a state bill that would defund Planned Parenthood, I called my university’s health center to schedule an appointment to receive the Nexplanon birth control implant. 800 more words


NO WAY! Guess Who This Celebrity Is?

It is in fact Wiz Khalifa’s ex Amber Rosewho looks a world away from her sleek shaven-headed look today.

She looks completely different! Just shows what money and fame can do!. 27 more words