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A woman slashes her husband's face, but receives no prison time.

A current MRA topic in the UK is the difference men and women receive in the criminal justice system. Specifically, new measures put forth in the bench book- sort of like a guideline for judges- suggest that women should not be sent to prison for anything. 264 more words

Women's Prison, Chiang Mai

Originally the palace of the Governor or Chiang Mai, Thailand, it was converted to a women’s prison around 1900. I have not found much in the way of its history but it is a site worth exploring. 80 more words


Hide and Seek Review

I felt that I read this book so fast I didn’t even have chance to catch my breath. The sixth instalment of Helen Grace has not let me down! 256 more words

Book Of The Week

Orange is the New Black - book vs. series

Ever since its release in 2013, Orange is the New Black is constantly holding its position as one of Netflix’s most successful shows, but not everybody knows that it is actually based on a true story. 354 more words


For those of you that are not in Cape Town, things are generally going well, other than the fact that we hardly have any water left, but between us being wise and God being merciful I am sure we will survive.

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