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Zine time: What The pompom zine is all about !!

Good golly and hello, you’ve found The pompom zine! This online symposium dedicates itself to back-spacing negative social attitudes toward women, animals, mental health and refugees, one pompom at a time.  176 more words


Feminism Saves Lives

If you’re a man, I want you to imagine you’re walking down the street (day or night, it doesn’t matter) and I want you to allow yourself to feel… 486 more words


Broken Record

In an interview published today in Jacobin, David Harvey, a theorist of neoliberalism and one of my favorite vulgar Marxists, asks a controversial question: 1,199 more words


The court is in session

A list of traitors:

Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr.

Laura Ingraham

Ralph Alvarado

Peter Thiel

All of you have been accused of treason against the very people you are – black, woman, Latino and gay. 1,339 more words

It’s Called The Pink Tax, And It’s Screwing You Over

A study from the state of California discovered that women pay approximately $1,351 more than men each year for similar goods and services. Just multiply that times the average life span of a woman (73 years old), and you get a whopping total of $98,623. 596 more words


Saudi journalist says male guardian is her "greatest supporter"

In response to a Human Rights Watch’s report on the oppressive policy of male guardianship in Saudi Arabia, one of the first two Saudi women to graduate from Columbia Journalism School has spoken up in defense of her country’s women, arguing that it’s important “to realize that not all Saudi women are the same.” In an article for TIME magazine, multimedia journalist Jasmine Bager wrote that while Human Rights Watch “highlighted some legitimate concerns about the way some Saudi women are being handled by male guardians,” her male guardian “has always been my greatest supporter.” Bager’s male guardian is her Makkah-born father. 190 more words

Human And Civil Rights

Walk of Shame: Still shameful?

You had a great time, danced all night and maybe drank one too many prosecco. That cute guy at the bar was eyeballing you all night. 481 more words