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Supporting women's health, one story at a time

Imagine this. You are young, pregnant and scared. You are hungry, because the yields in the village this year were poor. You are tired and in labour with your first child. 471 more words

The price of decades of failed Western and Russian foreign policies

Shocking pictures of a Syrian toddler’s lifeless body washed up on a Turkish beach were splashed across the media worldwide this week.

The image of Aylan Kurdi’s tiny, lifeless body put a tragic human face on the European refugee crisis and… 1,316 more words


Lost in Time

As someone who has always been interested in women’s history and the female struggle for the vote in Britain, research for a recent cultural day out in Manchester led me to become very excited about the discovery of a historical and political gem- Emmeline Pankhurst’s former residence, where the very first meeting of the Women’s Social and Political Union took place in 1903. 767 more words


Australian women work 65 more days to equal men's pay

Equal Pay Day 2015 has been announced in Australia and the disparity in incomes of men and women is bad. This year, working women down under will have to toil an extra 65 days to earn the same amount as their male counterparts. 122 more words

Human And Civil Rights

Next Up: SCOTUS to Rule on Whether Women Have the Right to Get Pregnant

As I’ve always espoused, stereotypes are based upon generalizations from the specific. Ponder that. It’s a brilliantly lucid explanation and rationale.

In other words, stereotypes contain some truths. 330 more words


Myth v. Reality: Excavating Shariah - Law of Evidence Part II

Written by Saadia Haq in collaboration with Theresa Corbin

August 1947, Pakistan was created for its citizens both men and women as a state where they would live free of discrimination and deprivation, as stated by the newly born constitution proposals of Article 25 and 34.  172 more words

Women In Islam

Should Prostitution Be Decriminilised?

Below is a  discussion regarding the decision of Amnesty International to support the decriminilisation of prostitution. There are some interesting points made on both sides of the argument. 93 more words