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Trump's influence on women's rights belie the inner caveman

Melania Trump has donated the dress she wore to inaugural balls to the Smithsonian museums. Why has her husband the president, who eschews all of the courtesy, formality and honor of the presidential office, allowed her to participate in a tradition that dates back 100 years? 1,371 more words

Why I Will Never Tell My Children “Little Girls Are Seen Not Heard”.

“Little girls are seen not heard” was a common phrase in my childhood. When my girl cousins and I would get too rambunctious in public, you could always count on my mother to say those six little words. 461 more words

Monday Mayhem: October shenanigans and a special commentary about #Forced Pregnancy

I have felt it like a rumbling thrumming deep down in my veins, pulsing in my ears. It makes my fingers tingle, it makes the back of my neck burn. 791 more words

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the thing about this – from what we deem small instances of sexual harassment (cat-calling, perhaps) to violent sexual abuse – is that it’s ingrained to a point that once in a while I get cat-called, and a part of my brain goes, “oh thanks, I didn’t think I looked good today” or I receive a subtle, patronisingly sexist comment and I’m so used to it, that it takes me a second to register that I should be offended. 290 more words

Does your office have a lactation room?

I am blessed to work in a company that offers its female employees a lactation room, which can accommodate at least three pumping mommas at a time. 181 more words

Lactation Room


I’ve been seeing some articles about the #metoo project and how it’s become nothing more than a fad for white people– and how it only becomes important if white people make it. 329 more words

Emotional management for the Uni, workplace, even your circle of friends

All the time I listen to warnings about acting in a specific way to protect my heart. Although all of them use to be about how to act in the proper way, sometimes, people don’t warn you about protecting yourself from other human beings bad choices, actions and decisions. 989 more words

Women's Rights