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Jesse LaGreca corrects a GOP logical error.

by Chuck Stanley

Jesse LaGreca, journalist, who also blogs under the nom de plume MinistryOfTruth, nails exactly where the GOP went off the rails with the logical fail of the week. 24 more words

Health Care

United States Has No Women's Rights

This is currently feels in the middle of the shit storm that’s surrounding the recent Planned Parenthood fetus scandal, and the pro-birth right-wing women-hating agenda, coupled with a few things that have happened at work. 622 more words


Three global problems that require more action

My blogging friend George, who spends his time helping people as a missionary in Africa, defines the three greatest global problems as poverty, climate change and corruption. 175 more words


Ada Initiative to close its doors

The Ada Initiative, a women’s nonprofit that was the brainchild of Australian Mary Gardiner and Californian Valerie Aurora and was launched to be a diversity advocate in the tech industry, is closing. 126 more words

Human And Civil Rights

Women's Rights

No man should force us to conceive, no religion should force us to believe that women are a baby factory with no free will of their own. 30 more words

Jeneane Behme

Planned Parenthood, why it will continue to exist

Well, that was a surprise.  The Senate decided not to vote to defund Planned Parenthood.  How about that?

As I’ve been saying for a couple weeks, the appalling videos recently release will do nothing to stop PP and their murder machine.   579 more words

Woman, 75, ends her life to avoid old age

The reason this healthy 75-year-old nurse chose to have an assisted suicide: http://t.co/1hN1Fi2dvI pic.twitter.com/fSK0wP9yWG

— Cosmopolitan (@Cosmopolitan) August 4, 2015

A 75-year-old British woman who had no known health issues recently ended her life at an assisted suicide clinic in Switzerland.

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Human And Civil Rights