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Dressember Day 6 : Training.

“To ignore evil is to become accomplice to it.” -MLK

Day 6 and I’m already repeating a dress.. whoops! Dressember is forcing me to get creative with outfits and wear things in ways I would have never done otherwise. 130 more words

Human Trafficking

Can I Vote For Ivanka Trump FOR President? PLEASE!

Ivanka Trump has given me hope that the Trump Presidency won’t be a complete disaster. She is for climate change science & technology to aid in stopping and reversing our planets 6th extinction, now in progress. 140 more words

World Matters

Maybe This Will Give You Some Hope

Hey guys. Here’s our brand new song! It’s possibly my favorite ever even though it’s not hard comedy. It’s bitter sweet. Soren and I wrote this just days after the election. 38 more words

Katie Goodman

Overview: Violence Against Women - The Day After

During our first week we’ve presented the consequences left by acts of violence against women around the world. In our final video, many voices from different countries join to remember that there is still much to talk about this matter.

Violence Against Women - The Day After

Organizations take charge of victims in France

by Luiza Guimarães

Every year, around 223 000 females between 18 and 75 years-old are victims of domestic violence in France, only 14% press charges against their aggressors. 331 more words

Violence Against Women - The Day After

Texas’s state health department is disseminating lies about cancer to frighten women from getting abortions

In yet another attempt to clamp down on abortions in the state, Texas is attempting dissuade women from getting abortions by deliberately spreading misinformation about the health risks of terminating a pregnancy. 635 more words

Quote from Hillary Clinton's concession speech was top political tweet of 2016

Hillary Clinton, though she fell tantalizingly short of the White House, made extraordinary progress for women in 2016. Not only was she the first woman to accept the presidential nomination of a major U.S. 345 more words

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