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Of Dubious Reliability

“When I confronted him, he denied that he’d ever said anything of the sort.”

Dieter looked confused at this point, so Walter added, “And it’s not like the guy was lying – at least, I don’t think he was – but more as if he genuinely couldn’t remember.” 305 more words

Short Stories

For The Girls

Hello friends, today I’m back with yet another meaty kind of post. I’ve definitely dived into broadening my scope of content from just music recommendations and playlists, and I’m hoping you’re enjoying the little expansion of my niche here on You Should Hear. 955 more words


It is the Guns, and So Much More

What if I told you that the argument about easy access to guns in the past, where kids didn’t take those guns and start shooting up their schools so it’s “mental health, stupid, not guns,” is flawed? 537 more words


Story 0003 Over ruled


1st February 2010 5pm

“click, click, click”… Maureen knew what that sound meant, but she wished it wasn’t the man in the black cloak as she turned and saw it was him, IT WAS HIM! 1,468 more words



The Handmaid’s Tale premise of women as brood mares, with our worth determined by fertility, and our purpose defined by ability to reproduce isn’t so far off from the reality many Irish women, and women around the world face today. 451 more words


The Don't Touch Campaign

As allegations of sexual assault and harassment in the music industry come to light, I talk to Melissa Svensen, creator of the Don’t Touch Campaign. 1,567 more words