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5 Ways "Black Panther" Challenged The Male Gaze

Black Panther actively denied the male gaze, and gave more to support the oppositional gaze.

The male gaze, that pesky idea Laura Mulvey first shed light on, is that whole thing where Hollywood puts women in films to appeal to straight white men. 490 more words

Women's Rights

On Women, Minorities, and Anger

As a followup to my last post.

I posted a video on female anger, generational anger, centuries old anger that never gets talked about and is always dismissed.   721 more words

REVIEW: In Places Hidden by Tracie Peterson

With her brother missing for over three months, Camriann Coulter travels to his home in San Francisco to spearhead the search for him. Along her trip out there, she meets who other women who also need to be in San Francisco for a time and she brings them along to her brother’s empty house. 150 more words

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Living Large in Carson City: The Center Is not Holding Edition


This past week (running through the weekend) I did something I swore not to do ever do again. It happened so suddenly I was knee deep into it before I knew it. 1,581 more words

You and the YWCA

April 25, 2018

When I was studying at the University of Winnipeg, in Manitoba, Canada, and writing for The Uniter, the student newspaper, I wrote many articles, not only about what was going on inside the university’s walls, but also about what was happening the surrounding inner-city area. 653 more words