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Fighting Sexual Roles

I saw this meme on Facebook today and it made me think.

Our society pushes these stereotypes and it’s up to us to reject them as well as to protest when someone tries to force us into those roles or shame us for not following those roles. 268 more words

Women's Rights

It Is So Strange the Way Things Turn*

There’s always a point in the task I’m performing while making my quilts when the scale tips, when I can see light at the end of the tunnel, when I know I’m close to the end. 595 more words


Forced sterilization of women with disabilities

By Eva Mære

“Forced sterilization is 100 percent a feminist issue and our governments’ failure to address this situation is appalling”, said MEP Julie Ward at last week’s public hearing on forced sterilisation of women with disabilities at the European Parliament. 483 more words

Global Stories Told By Global Women

No Regrets

Did they say they didn’t

want to know you?

Could you pick your father out

in a crowd?

Did your mama love

and leave you…

60 more words
Kait King Author

More Reports, More Awareness

With all of the recent reports of sexual harassment and sexual assault in the media lately, you almost can’t read the news without hearing about yet another celebrity, politician, or public figure committing these acts of violence and abuse. 519 more words

Gender Inequality in Canada: An Issue for Women and an Issue for All

Canada is a country that many praise for the diversity and inclusiveness of its citizens. However, inequality between men and women is an issue that Canadians continue to face today. 834 more words

And You Got to Take a Little Dirt*

OK, even though I finished a thousand things yesterday, I just made a real live post-it note for today, and it’s full. That’s not fair. Really not. 310 more words