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TCS: When Men Alone Decided What Was HISTORY

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Day 35

Here’s to women who came before us. Those who faced down the battles so we didn’t have to. Sacrificed, so we would have more. And hurt in ways that we can’t even imagine.

"You're a feminist because I said so!" (also known as Coercive Conversion)

By oversimplifying feminism and defining it as fundamentally good, the feminists in question here are avoiding more nuanced, and necessary, discussions that would actually be far more beneficial to women everywhere. 34 more words


Much Ado About Legs and "Leggings"

Americans are today up in arms about legs. Specifically, whether or not it is appropriate for girls/women to wear tight-fitting “leggings” or yoga pants when flying on airplanes. 435 more words

Report: Tomi Lahren 'banned permanently' from The Blaze

IRVING, TX — Well, looks like conservative political commentator Tomi Lahren may have just heard the words, “You’re fired!”

According to several reports, she’s been “banned permanently” from “The Blaze.” NewsFix contacted Lahren via text Sunday, and she told us she can’t comment right now. 206 more words