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Day 99 - Theodora and the Byzantine Court Prompt

The Byzantine Empire might have met it’s downfall because of  a strain of the bubonic plague. The city of Constantinople’s 541 outbreak of plague was thought to have originated from Egypt, carried over on grain boats by infested rats. 536 more words


Outrageous! Saudi Arabia's UN ambassador leads Human Rights Council! - Frida Garza & Svati Kirsten Narula

The UK and Saudi Arabia struck a dodgy deal to get on the UN human rights council – Frida Garza

The United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia both serve on the United Nations’ human rights council (HRC), an influential watchdog group for abuses around the world, but the two nations may have achieved that status by unlawful means. 600 more words

Human Rights

Ashley Judd shares story of sexual harassment at hands of film studio mogul

As part of Variety‘s Power of Women issue, Ashley Judd revealed for the first time her personal story of sexual harassment at the hands of a film studio mogul. 166 more words

Women's Rights

When discrimination of race and gender collide, it’s "misogynoir"

In 2010, black gay scholar Moya Bailey was musing over black women’s representation in the media with a friend, discussing the ways that black women are pathologized in culture. 197 more words

Human And Civil Rights

Hindustan Times - NDA government to frame a charter of rights for women

Legal experts are sceptical about the efficacy of the kind of charter WCD minister Maneka Gandhi is pushing for

Moushumi Das Gupta

New Delhi, 7 October 2015. 371 more words


I am supposed to be grading papers, but... first I want to honor Grace Lee Boggs and Vivian Stromberg

I am supposed to be grading papers this evening, but I cannot leave this day without saying a word about two dignified rebels whose life stories, when I read them over my morning coffee, took my breath away. 535 more words

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Chantal Akerman: Remembering a pioneering feminist filmmaker

I imagine that women in every field have these heroes: the other women who showed them that success did not have to mean leaving yourself behind. 1,758 more words

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