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Running for a reason.

I have been asked a few times over the last couple of weeks why I run long distances. I can never really answer it either. I started using an app for half marathon training simply to add a little bit of variety to my workouts. 370 more words

Salty sanity

    The coming of summer has found me plodding along; wiping sweat from my eyes; slowly, slowly, slowly rebuilding my running base. The older I get, the longer that seems to take.

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    The next level.

    A little over a month ago I stumbled across the app Run My Asics. An app that provides a program for you to suit whatever your running goal is. 651 more words

    One step.....

    So, I’m a little bit in limbo with my running and have decided to write this as a way of forming my thoughts into hopefully a little bit of a more cohesive thread!  494 more words

    Altra Superior 2.0 Review

    I purchased these beauties on the advice of a friend who also shares an affection for Altra’s like I do. The $110 price tag was relatively comparable to other newly released trail running models, so I figured I’d go for it. 483 more words

    Some days you just have to shake off..

    Today was not a running day. I thought it was meant to be but it turned out that it wasn’t. Today I had planned a 7km run. 578 more words

    When you can't run, hike. 

    My husband Dan and I love going on hikes. It’s an affordable way for us to spend quality time together and work out at the same time. 653 more words

    Running For Carbs