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Rachel's Runners Fun Run Field 2, 2015 - Recap & Thanks

It’s pretty hard to believe that we have already seen the completion of our second field of Learn-to-Runners for the year. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun! 447 more words


The hills will be alive.....

I’m training, it’s official, it must be, the evidence is stuck right there on the fridge. I see it every time I go into the kitchen, a large chart with a grid representing 12 weeks of seven days. 278 more words


The Running

Oh… running.

I thought it might be time for an update on my running adventures. I’ll be posting soon about how I got into running in the first place, etc. 209 more words


Post Race Melancholy Musings

Melancholy, according to the dictionary, is a feeling a pensive sadness.  To say that I’m feeling melancholy after Saturday’s 50k would be no small understatement today. 491 more words

Wildcat Ridge Romp 50k

The forecast called for sunny and hot, but the trail had a good amount of shade.  With my 2 ltr. CamelBak hydration bladder tucked into my UD SJ vest, completely encased in a Hydration Tube Covers insulated sleeve, I figured I’d have enough water for a 10 mile loop, 3 times over, especially with the ability to refill at my car which I had parked at the start/finish of each loop. 1,744 more words


A must-try speed running workout! (super good for beginner runners)

My running habits have developed immensely! To the point where I really LOVE and enjoy the sport. Been going on about 8 weeks of running regularly now, and I don’t think I ever want to stop. 442 more words



As Rhonda Rousey puts it, “I’m not a do-nothing bitch.” When trying to back up her femininity, since she is always put on as masculine in the media, the female fighter describes herself as a do-nothing bitch which makes her so strong physically and mentally. 243 more words