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When You Don't Feel Like Training

I have to admit, for someone who blogs about running, I’m not doing too good of a job of running lately. By lately I mean the past two years really. 489 more words


10 Reasons To Run

There are so many reasons why I think you should give running a try. Here are a few: no monthly fees, you can do it anywhere, you can start at any level, it makes you feel good, it’s alone time, it’s friend time, no one is in your face yelling at you, an extra bowl of ice cream, to breath fresh air, to improve your cardiovascular fitness, build stronger bones…I can keep going. 1,683 more words


Marathon #2 Recap!

Prior to the race, I treated myself to a manicure, which never happens. Each color was a visual reminder during taper week of what I wanted to accomplish during each 6 mile set.  563 more words

Songs To Run To

Charlie XCX

The Weeknd


Daft Punk





I’ve mentioned my love of music before. Sometimes I think I love running so much because it gives me a chance to listen to music for hours on end. 380 more words

Womens Running

Common Bonds

We all lead such different lives, which is very evident just by spending a few minutes on social media. Whether you are a working girl, a full time mom, or a student, the ins-and-outs of your daily life may vary greatly from that of a girlfriends. 234 more words

SEAA London Cross Country Championships

Note to self- Never run without eating breakfast or lunch when you also have an injury!

Goodgym race team organizer Frances encouraged me to sign up for the South of England¬†Athletics Association cross country championships despite my insisting that I have no place in anything with the word ‘championship’ in it (unless there was an average road runner championships). 1,038 more words


Can you fall out of love with running?

I’m writing posing this question because I’ve heard it has happened to many people and want to address it. Whether it’s upon reaching a running goal such as half marathon or marathon; or being stopped in your tracks by an injury, some lose the passion! 429 more words