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lost my running mojo

So I’m struggling again. 10 minutes into the run I can feel the struggle, can feel my legs rebelling and I keep getting an uncomfortable stich in my side! 294 more words

How should a running shoe fit my foot?

This is a question I get asked every day as a gait/injury/footwear analyst and honestly I can understand why! Since being in the industry over 1 1years now (blimey I feel old), I have seen so much information saying how footwear should fit, do you just add a size to your current normal footwear or not? 552 more words


Dear Cover Design Team

Dear Cover Design Team,

It’s pretty mind boggling how much the magazine business has changed in just the past few years, isn’t it? I mean, we now work in what is called “Magazine Media”. 796 more words


The Marathon and the Processing Failure

With running and any exercise adventure you learn a lot about yourself. Personally, I think in nothing more so than the marathon. It teaches you your physical limits and your capabilities. 921 more words


3 Years Since My First Run

In 2014, I was working for Nike on the Women’s floor of the incredible Nike Town London. I was still competing for Brunel and my county throwing Discus and Shot Put at the time and running was the last thing I’d planned on doing. 466 more words


The Sweetest Race of Them All

It’s April 2015 and the first race of the season, The Hot Chocolate 15K®! This was the first and only 15K (9.3 miles) I’ve done but it is great warm up before… 502 more words


Running after being stabbed

Miles: 2 Beer: 0

Running with a painful ovarian cyst is similar to being stabbed in the belly repeatedly then running away with the culprit hot on your tail.  613 more words