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Women Safety in India

It is very true that women in India are given a place of Goddess Lakshmi in the Indian society however we also cannot ignore the negative aspect of women position in India. 468 more words


The Quint: Nirbhaya Verdict a Victory, but Long Way to Go Before We Rejoice

In India, 26 cases of crimes against women are reported every hour, or one case is reported every TWO minutes!
So justice for Jyoti, is without a doubt a victory. 95 more words

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The Groin Kick. A Girl's Best Friend.

The groin kick may seem very obvious to most women, but the execution of the groin kick in a stressful situation, is another matter. Often our common sense goes right out the window when faced with a sudden and threatening situation. 221 more words

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Online Dating Safety

With the rise in popularity of online dating, especially with Apps like Tinder, it’s becoming increasingly important that women understand the dangers of meeting strangers and how to defend themselves should their date go topsy-turvy.  849 more words

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Victim Selection Through The Eyes of A Rapist

Every 9 seconds a woman is sexually assaulted or beaten in America. Think about how insane that is! That is 9,600 women a day! Women must educate themselves on self-defense and safety awareness. 604 more words

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Stun Guns 101 - Electrical Self Defense

Stun guns are a very popular and effective method of non-lethal self-defense. Stun guns are permitted in many areas where firearms are not. Furthermore, a stun gun may be the best self-protection solution for a person who is not permitted by law, for whatever reason, to own or carry a firearm. 1,603 more words

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