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India is making headway.

After all the year’s of patriarchal abuse in the East, there is one group in India where women’s rights are beginning to make a difference, … 7 more words

Unwanted Attention

I travel alone to and from and around London pretty frequently. I wrote a post on 26th March 2014, the day after the “conversation” below happened. 1,097 more words

Jeremy Corbyn's plans to tackle sexual harassment

As we all know, we live in a culture where a lot of men see it as acceptable to harass women, whether by catcalling or more sinister means. 275 more words


Sexual harassment: a playground for idiots

In response to: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/aug/20/sexual-harassment-women-curfew

Each time I read an article written by a woman who’s experienced sexual harassment I get angry. There are two, specific things that infuriate me. 992 more words


Maybe Being Seen Will Save Her

On Sunday, August 9th, police in Ascension Parish were called to the home of a Baton Rouge, Louisiana woman, Monica Butler Johnson, who had been bludgeoned to death by her estranged husband. 585 more words


No Blood On The Knife

I am a woman. I am thankful I am a woman.  And for the most part I don’t think of ever wanting to be something different.   801 more words


40. Caution

She got off at the next stop — every instinct told her it was safer to wait six minutes at the busy, well lit Central station than to wait one extra minute at its sister — dark and quiet and so often cast by the as an area that screamed “danger” to a young woman, mid twenties, alone at 21:00 hours.