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FitcliqueAfrica offers free Self Defense training for women for #16Days

This post is written by FitClique Africa’s Kwiyo Patience.
In Lindsey Kukunda’s new blog Not Your Body, Ugandan women submit stories detailing their experiences with street harassment. 442 more words

Violence Against Women

Is it going anywhere?

We were nudged with a bad, bad case of rape in what boasts of being the tech city in the country last week. Bengaluru reported three rape cases within a month’s time, the third one reported on… 800 more words


I Almost Died at the Track

Not really.

But I had a close encounter of the suspicious kind. I love to run (that should be obvious by now) and it’s dark out only a few hours after the sun rises  (thanks shortening fall days and daylight savings), and sometimes I hate running with a flashlight or a headlamp where I can see only a few more molecules in front of me. 1,082 more words


I was afraid of being a "*****"

I don’t do a lot of edgy topics on my blog. Poopy diapers and breastfeeding I can do flawlessly.

But feminism? Nah. Never done that. 1,423 more words


Midnight Red

Hey everyone As a trans woman i know only too well the dangers of being female at a bus stop  late at night or in the early hours of the morning and that is why i have chosen women’s safety as the topic for this poem. 235 more words


Raghu Ram among the citizens who raise concern for lack of women's safety in Delhi!

Ever since the Nirbhaya incident in 2012, all eyes have been on Delhi when it comes to women’s safety issues. While promises to keep women safe in the nation’s capital have been made time and time again, it appears that the central goverment has fallen short of the expectations of the people of… 70 more words

What's Happenin'

#ITforParivahan : Ride-Safe @nitin_gadkari , @MORTHIndia , @vinit_goenka , @TVMohandasPai

#ITforParivahan is a government initiative to crowd source ideas for use of IT in transportation.

Ride-Safe, is my idea for ensuring the safety of women in public transport… 797 more words