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Mumbai is often hailed as India’s safest city for women, but here too, there have been incidents of harassment and rape that have left them feeling unsafe, especially after sundown.

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Dog Watch on Christmas Eve.

Dog Watch on Christmas Eve:

Followed up on a friend’s suggestion to do what I call a Dog Watch ( patrol under the guise of accompanying a dog owner and canine ) last night. 88 more words


Don't teach us how to dress teach men how to see..

In the Indian society, women are given the place of Goddess Lakshmi. But looking at the safety of this Goddess it matters a lot whether its home, outside the home or work place. 511 more words


woмen'ѕ вeѕт ғorм oғ ѕelғ deғence ιѕ нer мιnd 

​Self-defence is one of the important factor for women. Criminals tend to choose their targets that are unaware of the surrounding. So, it’s the time that each woman became vigilant and totally aware of the surroundings. 271 more words


Adventuress Tidbits - Staying Safe as a Solo Female Traveler

With more and more women embracing the #solotravel life, we are seeing more women traveling the world on their own terms than ever before. While traveling is full of excitement and new things to discover, it can also involve some risk, especially for solo female travelers. 688 more words


My Safety Precautions for a Woman Traveling Alone Internationally

I have done a few stupid things traveling around the world. Not that I am a naïve traveler or that trouble necessarily finds me. Some events are unavoidable. 1,229 more words