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Keep Your Family Safe From Online Predators - Internet Safety Tips for Parents, Kids & Teens

Internet Safety for Parents:

Children and teens use a wide array of online services, and each can have different safety concerns. There are some basic tips, however, that you can utilize for all types of internet use. 577 more words

Campus Safety Tips + U.S. School Safety Rankings

Safety should be a great concern for college students and parents. The level of campus security presence, emergency protocols, campus and local crime rates, as well as substance and alcohol use are important factors to consider when choosing a school. 451 more words

Review: Companion app puts your safety first

I use a ton of different apps everyday – as do most people who own a smartphone or tablet – but I’ve never reviewed or promoted one before. 1,057 more words


Effects of Adrenal Stress on a human body

When a situation occurs that causes panic and shock, the human body experiences a state of being called the ‘Adrenal Stress Response’. During that time, our body undergoes drastic changes to help us warn and adapt to the situation so we can act/react accordingly to it, in order to survive. 714 more words

The Stanford Rape Case: What’s Going On?

A Stanford undergraduate was accused of raping an unconscious woman

On the night of 18th June 2015, two male graduate students from Stanford University were riding their bikes when they noticed a man on top of a woman who appeared to be unconscious. 221 more words

Talking Points

Lessunz in WimminZ Safetee (Because the CDC Knows How)

There’s much internet chatter about the Stanford rapist and an infographic the CDC put out about the risks of drinking for women. The line from the press release that’s pissing people off goes like this: 451 more words

Half-hearted Feminism

Mobile Panic Button Needs to Be Backed by Emergency Helpline: One Touch Response

“The panic button in mobile handsets, supported with a helpline and a strong on-ground response team can revolutionise the safety mindset of all, and particularly of women in our country,” said Arvind Khanna, founder, One Touch Response (OTR), in a statement. 213 more words

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