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Money to Burn

So, apparently, a woman, who happened to be a model, was fat shamed by an Uber driver this past week who, from looking at his photo, was in no good position to fat shame anyone. 523 more words


Common sense tips for social situations (Women)

The following points are kind of obvious things, but sometimes we miss what’s obvious so, when that happens, I, Captain Obvious! Comes to the rescue! 1,243 more words

A curriculum for women’s self defense

If I had 3 minutes to tell a women as much useful safety stuff as possible, what would it be? This article is the result of that thought. 623 more words

Women's Safety in the Workplace

Author: Dhanashree

The following post originally appeared on this blog.


by Dhanashree Jambekar


Pune: Woman techie murdered on Infosys campus, police arrest security guard… 728 more words

Indian Homemaker

The best article on avoiding rape?

If you are female, then you need to read Marc MacYoung’s article on Rape Avoidance. This is not a complete how-to guide, but it is… 7,382 more words

Training Tip 2

Verbal and Body language Training Tip

Use firm tone of voice, not aggressive, learn to calm your emotional trigger response while talking to an aggressive individual. 523 more words

Training Tip

I’m gonna keep this one short. This is just a training drill I used to do to train for physical violence. Any questions or doubts or details you wanna know about, write them down in the comments down below and I’ll answer them. 335 more words