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Silent night, unholy night

In the last week of this December, I surprised myself. I rode a scooter after months, may be years. This was an anomaly. I think that that one summer night, many years ago, had ruined the relationship between two-wheelers and me. 517 more words


Cologne Sex attacks: Dear Nazi feminists, Stop stealing the label feminism, it no longer belongs to you. You are our worst enemy.

Parent Anon
By now we all know about the sex attacks which took place in Cologne and across Germany. Official reports confirm what the police, the media and the left have been desperately trying to play down. 2,748 more words

of molestrologers and new year resolutions - part 2

A 72-year old astrologer molested me on the 28th of December. And what did I do?

Nothing. I just got up and left.

When Mister came home, I told him what had happened.  455 more words


of molestrologers and new year resolutions - part 1

Believe it or not, I got molested last week by a 72 year old astrologer.  Yes, you read that right.

Me, a heavily pregnant woman the size of a small planet, about to deliver any second now, poked in the crotch by an old rambling man with one arm debilitated in an accident and one leg in the proverbial grave. 590 more words


More from the women

Why does it take more than just words or visuals to carry stories related to crimes against women? In fact, even men – but the reporting is in question here. 1,044 more words


FitcliqueAfrica offers free Self Defense training for women for #16Days

This post is written by FitClique Africa’s Kwiyo Patience.
In Lindsey Kukunda’s new blog Not Your Body, Ugandan women submit stories detailing their experiences with street harassment. 442 more words

Violence Against Women