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40. Caution

She got off at the next stop — every instinct told her it was safer to wait six minutes at the busy, well lit Central station than to wait one extra minute at its sister — dark and quiet and so often cast by the as an area that screamed “danger” to a young woman, mid twenties, alone at 21:00 hours.


This Comedy Sketch Reveals The Terrible Realities About Women's Safety

Do you ever think about parking your car closer to the office (or the store) so that you don’t have to walk too far by yourself? 68 more words

Stigmatisation of single mothers

Growing up in the fifties the stigma attached to unmarried mothers was extreme. So extreme there virtually weren’t any. Women protected themselves from the life long-stigma, which ruined their chances of a decent marriage or job by resorting to back street abortions or having the baby secretly and surrendering it for adoption. 971 more words

24 Things I Shouldn't Have to Do for Women’s “Safety"

My darling beau and I recently moved to a quiet neighborhood that’s conveniently close to cute boutiques, Chipotle (!!!) and- my favorite of all- a great walking trail that runs along a tiny river decorated with fish and other tiny critters. 800 more words


Uber driver in India accused of molesting a woman

The latest incident in Uber’s recent downward spiral is a familiar one: a 21-year-old woman in New Delhi claimed she was molested by a driver in his Uber cab on Saturday morning. 143 more words

Human And Civil Rights

New app for women’s safety launched in India

In a first of its kind women-friendly initiative, a mobile phone safety app was launched in Odisha, India to help women in distress. The app, ‘Mo Saathi’ (which translates to ‘My friend’), is designed to be an extra security measure for employed women, who commonly travel alone at night. 136 more words

Human And Civil Rights

Do You Know Who Is Watching You? A Woman's Safety Issue

In these modern times with widespread technological use, mindless activities are rampant.

From watches that sync with smart phones and tablets that seem to do almost everything imaginable, 769 more words