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Thy shall not Blow

Place, the kitchen, in Greece. Mom is washing the dishes,and my 19 year old self is  sitting on the chair in front of the crammed up kitchen table, that was never used to eat, but merely existing to support pens, papers, agendas, the phone, vitamins and plastic nick knacks my mother would bring from flea markets. 1,631 more words

Josh Duggar Makes Me Want to Hurl

Josh Duggar Makes Me Want to Hurl

So today Josh issued a carefully-stated and planned apology to whoever is listening to him at this point.   The apology was quickly posted and also edited, conveniently deleting the part where he admitted he was addicted to porn. 917 more words


Life After Casual Sex

The title might sound a little dramatic to someone who hasn’t lived a casual sex lifestyle.  But  for me it was a decade on and off of casual sex. 195 more words

Casual Sex

As a Woman...

I took that left turn at Albuquerque.

I didn’t know I was doing it until I tunneled up and realized that I had taken myself someplace that I hadn’t intended to go. 1,147 more words

"Porn is a discourse about sex and works like an educator about sex and gender."

“I think that sexual education, and porn education, is more vital and effective than censorship.”

When we consider banning porn who are we protecting or punishing?

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Indian Homemaker

A man's "right" to sex?

The background to this post is the same singer and child defiler that was recently pardoned (see previous post) and released from prison. It took him only four days till he’s true colours came out and it was reported that he had… 483 more words


Welcome to SFT Sextoys Blog!

Hello everyone! This blog was created for the express purpose of detailing and discussing various sex toys, accessories, novelties, and their function. I am the owner of… 140 more words