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Pink and Frillies

It made me glad to see singer and songwriter Janelle Monáe’s ‘vagina pants’ this week in her “PYNK” video. Just search for the artist and “vagina pants” / “vulva pants” to take a look, or go onto Youtube. 502 more words


Little Lacy Things: The Art of Feeling Sexy in Lingerie

The allure of almost seeing what you desire is arguably better than bare skin. According to Dictionary.com, lingerie has been around since 1825-35 France, and I think we can all agree that the French know a thing or two about romance. 564 more words


Bad Sex: We've All Been There, But Women Have Been There More

Trigger warning: sexual assault, force, coercion.

Condom breakage, disturbing smells, surprising fetishes, awkward moments, back-breaking positions, nonexistent erection or lubrication, and faking orgasms: bad sex. When someone is describing bad sex, we’re all capable of conjuring up similar memories. 775 more words


Women and Masturbation - The Complex Relationship

Masturbation is a very healthy and common act people of all genders engage in. Although, the one two tango between women and their own lady parts is an interesting and complicated relationship. 387 more words


Celebrate Síle na Gig on March 18th

On March 18th, celebrate your female sexuality and sensuality on Síle na Gig day.

Of course,  how you celebrate your sexuality / sensuality is a highly personal choice! 1,015 more words

Celtic Celebrations

The Atheist of Romance

Women are notoriously stereotyped as being romantics in the bedroom. We are often painted as stargazed, sappy love-makers and when placed on top of man, we are best known for our ultimate portrayal of experiencing “the best orgasm ever” brought on by the most romantic of all love-making, respectively. 807 more words


Feminism and BDSM: A Coexistence

Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Science Center recently hosted a 21+ Sex, Love, and Science night where adults could enjoy the center kids free, explore the science behind sex and the human body, all while enjoying those adult beverages we love so much. 1,405 more words