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Friday Review: Art by Togo

I decided today’s Friday review would be the series on a Nigerian woman’s sexuality that a friend who’s one of the most talented artists I’ve ever met just recently completed. 406 more words


Mandatory PIV is systemic oppression

Sheila Jeffreys’ book Anticlimax is a feminist perspective on the sexual revolution. I’m not doing a formal book review but I am going to write about what I learn in each chapter and provide my comments on it. 1,781 more words

Lesbian Feminism

The political Left and panty-checks

Until we support girls and women in setting boundaries for their own safety and comfort, we cannot accurately describe ourselves as opponents of rape culture. 883 more words

The Broad-Cast, Episode 24- Not-Like-Me-Aphobia

Hey there, listeners! Welcome to the next episode of The Broad-Cast!

This episode we talk about ISIS and the weirdness of falling down a Middle-Eastern rabbit hole while trying to learn more about what’s been going on in that area. 104 more words


Does it hurt the first time you have sex?

Post by Boiling

My research on this topic started when K got engaged. She shared that she was scared of getting intimate and having sex with a guy she had not interacted with much. 883 more words

Indian Homemaker

Fluid Sexuality and Drinking Behavior

People like to believe that they understand themselves. We all have opinions on our own habits, preferences, and abilities. And these beliefs, in turn, may actually help shape our behavior. 637 more words

Opinion: Discuss female sexuality, not just sexual assault

You can also read this article on the Charlatan.ca

Sometimes it seems like the only time people talk about women’s sex lives is in the context of sexual assault. 464 more words