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‘Anticipation’ – The skill that can’t be coached?

Time and time again, in my own coaching and when supporting other coaches, I am always hearing use of the term ‘anticipation’ – the ability to play ahead of the game where the players are encouraged to better position themselves and almost as a result of this, create something from nothing. 304 more words

Women You Missed in History Class: Alice Coachman

You might have learned the names of a few great African American athletes who broke barriers and challenged segregation in sports, but it’s unlikely that Alice Coachman was one of them.   514 more words

Rape Culture is Alive: Women in Sports

I would be remised if I didn’t highlight this topic in my blog about women in sports, because it is important and it deserves to be talked about. 334 more words

Women You Missed in History Class: Charlotte Cooper

The best part of the Rio Olympics last summer was watching strong, determined women perform incredible feats of athleticism.  I can’t even imagine the Olympics without women’s sports, but the first Olympic games were all male. 475 more words