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Women As Play-Makers: Part II

By Kellie Koester

It has taken me several weeks to sit down and put my feelings into words. A few months ago I wrote about… 1,111 more words

Women's Sports

Jackie Joyner Kersee

Jackie Joyner Kersee  was a track and field athlete who dominated the women’s heptathlon.  To many she is one of the greatest athletes to compete.Her accomplishments are numerous and her life story is one of intense perseverance. 1,454 more words

Athletic Women

Interview With Zoë Hayden of the Victory Press

With the rise of the WNBA, Women’s soccer, the CWHL, the NWHL and the success of women in Olympics, there has been a shift in the professional sports world that has seen opportunities for women to play the sports they love professionally. 650 more words


How Women's Sports Are Overly Sexualized and Struggle for Relevance

Zachary Holden’s article for The DePaulia speaks on two unique struggles women’s sports has to deal with: problems with being overly sexualized and staying relevant. Both issues are prevalent and really sum up the scope of how men view women’s sports. 831 more words

Women's Sports

April 2016

As you can tell, I really strained my brain muscles with this title. But this is one of those posts that I started writing after we got back from Kelowna Duck Golf, and just morphed over and over…it’s been tough, and let me tell you why. 789 more words

Why Looks Matter When Watching Women's Sports

Looks in women’s sports don’t necessarily matter; rather physical attractiveness helps when I have no interest in the athletic and competitive aspects of a sport. My approach to women’s sports is similar to how a man approaches a woman he wants to talk to. 1,369 more words

Women's Sports

Presidential visit tremendous point of pride for Dr. Jen Welter

One of the great milestones for any American-raised athlete is the privilege of being invited to the White House. A celebration of one’s glories on the intense field of play, simultaneously a tremendous moment of patriotic national pride, and such a visit is commemorated by an opportunity to rub shoulders with the President of the United States. 568 more words

Women's Sports