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It has become habit to bring a stack of books home with me on Friday to read over the weekend. While most of this weekend’s stack come from Patricia Polacco, I also brought two books based on true stories. 478 more words

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Civil Rights ... god and nature NOT the government ?

just another rant …

I don’t know about you but I think of the Declaration of Independence as our social contract … right. Though if you listen to Republicans, it seems they missed that class, ignored it or prefer the archaic ideology beliefs of that time.  510 more words

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Mencken explains how to pursue social reform without eschatology or sanctity:

I do not hold, with the suffragettes, that the extension of the suffrage would bring the millennium, that the will to power would become the will to kiss, that sin would perish from the earth.

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The long-awaited for snow did appear last Friday night and, although it wasn’t as heavy as forecast, it had a rather miraculous effect: two of my children came with us to walk the dog early on Saturday morning before it all melted away!  703 more words

Historical Division: Marie Silk on Historical Fiction Writing: Life in America 100 Years Ago

Someone recently asked me, “What is ‘historical fiction’?”  I never realized it was a confusing phrase until I really thought about it and concluded that it sounds like an oxymoron.   593 more words

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Review: Suffragette: The Diary of Dollie Baxter by Carol Drinkwater

Suffragette: The Diary of Dollie Baxter by Carol Drinkwater 3/5

18th June, 1910
We marched from the Embankment to the Albert Hall. It was a glorious day.
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On This Day: The Mud March, 9th February 1907

At the start of the twentieth century, the campaign for women’s suffrage was gathering momentum. The National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies (NUWSS) organised the first large march for the cause on the 9th of February 1907. 643 more words

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