Let's talk about Cubans

Over the years many have talked about Cubans and how they good they are and how hard it has been to get these precious sticks in the U.S. 702 more words

The Humidor Chronicles

For the last month I have traveled to different parts of the country. Well mostly up North and I have to admit I had a wonderful experience. 403 more words

Been a Minute

I know it has been a minute since I have checked in. You know the old saying you make plans and then life happens? Well that has definitely been the case with me. 191 more words

Taking it on the Road

Last week I was in the Big Easy, or New Orleans in layman’s terms. It was necessary for me to attend a Brand Ambassador summit so smoking was going to be a necessity. 279 more words

Stogies and Stilettos

I know you have been wondering what I have been up to. Well, the life of a cigar smoker is always filled with fun, sticks, good spirits and great people. 211 more words

Wednesday Wine Down

Wednesday has come and it is time for the Wine down. With the weekend fast approaching I like to take the Wednesday and smoke a good stick to celebrate. 318 more words

A Woman and her Cigar

People always ask how did I get started smoking cigars and I always give the same answer: Love made me do it! My ex and I were in Miami for a fabulous vacation and he complained I never smoke with him. 330 more words