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The 25 Things Women Want You to Know but. . .Are Afraid to Let You Know

(1) Women are analyzers; It just comes naturally to them.

(2) Your Wardrobe needs a Makeover.

(3) They want you to be tidies.

(4) They Love Romance. 275 more words

Womyn's Journey

WHY IT IS OUR BUSINESS: Confronting the silencing of South Asian domestic violence against women by Shirleen Datt

Before I begin discussing violence against women in South Asian communities, I want to recognize and acknowledge male victims of domestic violence. A quote that circles around the internet, “men get ,’ should be a whole sentence. 1,392 more words


My toys taught me how to be a "women"

We’re given barbies to show us beauty, we’re given baby dolls to teach us how to be mothers, we’re given easy bake ovens to teach us how to cook and then we blow out our candles; at 6 we are given everything we need to know in life. 224 more words

Social Issues

Why am I a feminist?

There is no reason not to be.

Let me start by explaining what I believe feminism actually is, since I think the majority of the stigma around feminism is based on a few huge misunderstandings. 1,798 more words

A woman's age!

Morning visitor. HathniKund rest house.
He asked your age.

I was having my mattar mushroom fried.

You told him.

He commented. “मैडम, आपके बदन को देख कर तो नहीं लगता कि आप की age इतनी है!” 6 more words

Life Goes On

Lost and Found (a personal post)

Three years ago, I went to visit family in Trinidad.  At the time, I identified as Hindu. My mother suspected as much, though I never said it out loud, and resented me for it. 1,263 more words