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In Defense of Exclusivity

Like many gender-critics, I have a serious problem with transwomen who demand access to female-only spaces. They’ll often use the following arguments:

“It’s transmisogynistic to exclude us from your feminist meeting!” 811 more words


Work in Progress

Within the first half of 2015, we threw our first open mic, released our Spring/Summer collection, co-hosted an art show, and more! The past six months blessed us tremendously and I am eager to kick off the next. 183 more words

Artsy Fartsy

Love on TV

i blame it on the ecstasy
i blame it on the open sea

the diligence
the vigilance
of negativity

i blame it on the cataracts… 43 more words


The function of self-blame in victims of male violence

I had an epiphany yesterday.

This past week has been a marathon of men being creepy at me. Men making kissing noises as I pass by (as if I’m a dog); a dude acting out and insulting me when I decided to cancel our plans last-minute (because, unbeknownst to him, my intuition urged me to go home); a freaking sample-giver-outer treating me like garbage thinking it was going to impress me??? 591 more words


The Womyn on My Skin by Kamini Persaud

I started using makeup in secret, without my parents knowing in grade 9. It was something as simple as mascara that I applied in the washroom when I got to school early in the morning. 667 more words


Womyn Haiku

This goes out to all womyn around our world. We as womyn are the essence of humanity. It is a shame that we do not get more credit, but it is okay because internally we know we are the Goddesses of the world. 53 more words