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I was lost in thought again.

bitter winds nipped at my cheeks

As my feet shuffled from foot to foot.

Hoping fingers would find warmth in my pockets,

201 more words


the tips of her hair coil

delicately as each strand twists bountifully from its root

head up –

with the most piercing 

naked eye

dividing the story  136 more words



I made up my mind



And tomorrow

To become a stronger




To feel glamourous in my skin


All the pain I have inflicted with my own… 29 more words


I See You

Young warrior lying there

Forced to wear his hands around her neck

As if they were necklaces

You are not alone

I see you

I see you… 307 more words

Human Nature

by jaritza geigel 

It’s knowing the difference between wanting you and needing you. That when I feel I need you that’s just the loneliness talking telling me to run back to what I used to understand as safety but knowing it will only cause the same harm it did before. 411 more words

Pieces of an Odyssey 

for a moment i thought i was lost in this odyssey alone

forced to have to navigate its waters

to steer the wheel

and somehow extend myself to manage the rest… 269 more words

Ni'u Prēmīdēra

Speak sweet lover

if only to drown out

the blasphemy these bullshitters speak.

Wine it back

walk it out,

lets break bones

cuz this just aint enough for me. 60 more words