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Introducing a new social club for NYC women

I would like to formally introduce my new social club for NYC women. 449 more words


The Gospel of Eve: Confession of the White Man

In light of recent events, I felt that it was rather timely to republish the following as a confession and a call to all of us as men to forever exit the locker room. 392 more words


Let's Respond to 33 "Fat Phobic" Comments

A YouTube channel called Wear Your Voice Magazine (a publication that I’m sure will take it’s place right alongside The Mary Sue) decided to post a video where they address 33 “fat phobic” comments.  1,953 more words


You Should be Reading The Black Panther Comic Book

The fifth issue of The Black Panther comic book series has been recently released, and it is still as great as the initial four! As an admitted Ta-Nehisi Coates fan, I can acknowledge that I was a bit skeptical of how his writing would transfer to a comic strip, but all along I have been pleasantly surprised. 442 more words


Flash Forward

The title in itself could reward an imaginative linguist into fruition. My intentions simply were that last night at one of my really good friend’s birthday I found myself envisioning yet again paved path full of opportunities toward what my definition of a successfully well lived life. 256 more words

August 2016

period stain

to express rage and compassion –
the first to those who silence, the second to all else.




It was in the way her smile caught all eyes. She was fierce without having to try. Her eyelashes were thick and long, her body was smooth and her hair was vibrant and crazy like the moulin rouge. 56 more words

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