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MitchFest Comes To An End

On Tuesday night, the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival organizer, Lisa Vogel, announced on Facebook that this year would be the festival’s final year. Her statement does not explain the exact reason behind the festival’s closure, yet gives hope of possibly creating a new festival or allowing someone else to take the baton and create the “next expression of our Amazon culture.” The Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival is the longest running feminist festival, yet its end may be a great thing that will allow a new, more inclusive festival to be created. 357 more words



I never blogged before, at least not consistently. I wanted to begin this journey of blogging because I feel like I have a lot to say that may or may not benefit someone else. 165 more words


Minority, Women-Based Student Organization in New York

I currently serve as the Vice President of Black Womyn’s Association at Stony Brook University in New York. I have been in the organization for the last three years and it has provided me with passion and a family in college. 57 more words