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Made Of Womyn

I am made of woman.

That’s what I’m made of.



Dear Womyn in My Life (or Near My Life)

When I was running today I suddenly had a flash of being at Womyn’s Group and sharing how I was doing. In that imaginary instance, I started honestly sharing what I thought. 335 more words


enchanted dance

my touch on her cinnamon skin
the line down her angelic spine
hands wrapped around her delicate waist
it’s perfection
press my thumbs against her stomach… 149 more words

Flor Y Canto

Let's Go Home

Conversations of the other shoppers

ebb away

I notice

your long sleek black hair

falling over your tanned bare shoulders,

your hands

pressed against the cold glass refrigerator door… 66 more words


WCW: Malala yousafzai

Too many people have used “WCW” as an opportunity to objectify womyn.

As the wise Janelle Monae once wrote to an ignorant misogynist (wait… those two words are synonyms to each other, aren’t they?)  330 more words