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In Crossfires and Intersections

Dear Son,

I don’t think of you often these days. Meaning, you’re not the certainty you once were. I am not sure if I will ever be a mother. 822 more words


Mother’s Day History Is Steeped In Radical, Religious Feminism

The only thing better than the sweet and sentimental Mother’s Day is its radical feminist history steeped in religious values.

The American incarnation of Mother’s Day is the result of… 583 more words


Initial thoughts re: Beyonce's Lemonade

A few years ago I was co-hosting a weekend retreat for a group of black womyn. At some point in the evening we were drinking wine, listening to music and chatting when someone brought up Beyonce. 1,044 more words

Anita Cameron: Black Womyn Disability Rights Activist, One Million Gimp March

“I was called the “angry Black woman” in an effort to silence me and put me down. I turned it around on my detractors and started Angry Black Womyn to highlight Blackness and disability, how we intersect and how sometimes, there is conflict.”

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Womyn are from Venus

Womyn are from Venus

Planet Mars (named after the Roman god of war ) is receiving considerably more attention at the moment than the planet Venus (the Roman goddess of love and beauty ) with regards to interest in manned space exploration. 212 more words


For all my womyn crush(ing the patriarchy) wednesdays,

Every morning when you wake up
before your cup of tea in the dew of the morning,

When you’re deciding what to wear,
before putting on your war paint, 18 more words


our own storms

the light of my life

women are the wholeness of my heart

the scratches and scars

the warmth and wonder.

they are a whirling storm… 309 more words