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World's Finest 205 - the Teen Titans become racists

Teen Titans scripter Steve Skeates comes back, along with Dillin and Giella, as the Teen Titans meet Superman in World’s Finest 205 (Sept. 71).

The story uses traditional Teen Titans Kid Flash, Speedy and Wonder Girl, as well as the newbies Lilith and Mal.  291 more words

Classic Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman #265

Welcome once more friends, to our weekly comic cover countdown to the 75th anniversary of the amazing Amazon. This week we scour the Amazonian archives to bring you;  351 more words


Action 816 - Superman and the Teen Titans vs Gog

Austen, Reis and Campos continue the battle between Gog and Superman, with the Teen Titans helping out, in Action 816 (Aug. 04).

Gog’s weapon injured Superman more than he expected.  70 more words

Action 815 - the first encounter between Superman and Gog

In the Kingdom Come miniseries Gog had been introduced, in the future, as part of a vicious breed of heroes.  Since then, DC had toyed around with his introduction.  148 more words

Peeks: DC Super Hero Girls

Are you a fan of Girl Power?

Of course you are. Well, it looks like Detective Comics is jumping aboard the Girl Power train. Introducing the… 1,925 more words