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Deep in Denim

Its been a while since i have posted so sorry for the delay but sometimes life gets a bit busy. I have half written a few drafts so its time to get them finished and get you all inspired again to be sanded and polished! 496 more words


The Triad of Likeability: Smile, Eye Contact, Handshake

What makes you memorable when you meet someone? What garners trust and makes people want to be introduced to you?

I call it:


Public Speaking

Hillary 2016

Wonder Women isn’t all about comics. As the superheroes teach us, heroes come in all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life, capable of anything. 1,065 more words


Why "Don't Judge Me For the Way I Look" Doesn't Work

What are we doing when we meet someone for the first time? We’re sizing them up, noticing similarities and assessing differences. We’re looking for things we can relate to. 276 more words

Public Speaking

Wonder Woman--Read below for this one :)

Have you ever seen something along the side of the road or done something and was reminded of someone? I know that this particular Wonder Woman has been many places and has saved so many people and has done so much good that her influence is bound to be everywhere!! 230 more words

Wonder Women

Seorang Wanita Berhati Surga

: lima belas tahun yang lalu

Sebut saja namanya Mbak Ginuk. Dia adalah seorang penjual ayam goreng yang berkeliling dari rumah ke rumah, mulai dari jam 10 pagi, setiap hari selain hari Minggu. 1,318 more words

My Life

Death of the Endless.

Very rarely is death one of the more popular aspects of, well, anything – but Death of the Endless (of Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Sandman’) is perhaps one of the most charming characters to frequent the comics page, ultimately making her an all-time fan-favourite. 492 more words