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Women's History Month: Susan B. Anthony

March is Women’s History Month. While I personally find it sad that we must have a separate month to acknowledge the impact women have made in history, and I look forward to the day when women’s history is simply known as history, when women who have impacted the world are integrated and celebrated as much as their male counterparts in our historical narrative and text books, I will be posting a profile of women that were essential to shaping our society. 199 more words

Wonder Women

Lots of wine

Do you love red wine? Do you love burgundy or claret?

I can just see the quizzing look you have right now…Ok. This is not a list of things you drink. 320 more words


Dawn of the New Superheroes

Back when I was taking Philosophy 401 at OSU and Professor Marvin Fox provided an overview of the philosophy from Aristotle to Nietzsche, I remember wondering, given all these philosophers, their philosophies, and the sequence in which they occurred, who would be the next major philosopher to impact our world and what would be his philosophy. 737 more words

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It's Time We Talked About It - Feminism Still Matters Because....

This has underscored my other posts, a quiet theme that finally gets to have it’s own space.  Blame it on a few factors: first, a male friend asked me to take a look at the subject. 915 more words

Week Twenty: Putting on my Wonder Women pants and Striking a Pose




madonna’s STRIKE A POSE

I have stepped up to that plate you know the one everyone talks about “stepping up to” 517 more words

My MKMMA Journey

Wonder Women: Meet Carrie

Have you ever met a healer? I have. Her name is Carrie.

Carrie loves to learn. Her natural curiosity of the world led her to earn a degree in science. 149 more words