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Fantastic Friends

I have to take a moment to gush about how great my friends are–and how great I am at choosing friends. They say you can choose your friends and not your family, and that’s obviously true, and the past six months have shown me that and why it’s so important to have good friends. 845 more words

My Story

Christmas came early!

It was some minutes to 7pm, I was rather in a foul mood because it took me an hour to get ’round to ordering for lunch … and the payment went wrong also, plus I had a lot of work to do and I was just not in the mood to fish for amazing memories to keep me afloat… so again, there I was with the bag of un-interesting emotions when a knock came on. 206 more words

not your usual present

Seated on a large table in Jibby & Co, reunited again with my friends after five months of leaving Sunway, Taliza pushed a brown parcel towards me. 431 more words


A Prayer for the Motorcycle Girl

I read somewhere that all serious writers have a website. Since I’m sauntering vaguely in that direction, I thought of at least starting a new blog. 308 more words

Day 88 - December 27th - Thank goodness for friends

Another short one as I’m well and truly ready for bed, but suffice to say that today didn’t quite go as planned. Up at 7:30am, I went for another lovely run with my uncle, and then we had a relatively quiet morning taking stock after Christmas and farewelling Grandma who was heading back home. 202 more words

Wye The Flute?

The wonderful people at the wedding

Our 10th Wedding Anniversary celebration was even more memorable because of the presence of the wonderful people who add meaning to our life since we move in to the Sultanate of Oman. 930 more words

Family Specials

Thank You!

Thank you everyone who stopped by and left comments on my previous post. There were so many good pieces of advice and I am truly grateful for everyone of you. 625 more words

Personal Update