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5 times healthy foods were advertised during the Super Bowl

On Feb. 1, Avocados From Mexico will become the first fresh produce company to advertise during the Super Bowl. “This ad continues the trend toward good-for-you choices advertised in a big way,” Avocados From Mexico president Alvaro Luque said in a statement, “and we’re thrilled to be a part of that important shift.” 247 more words

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Finding a Meaning for Memes in the Marketing Industry

By: Zulfa Rizqiya @rizqibusiness

If you’re an avid social media user, chances are you’ve come across a fair share of memes, whether through your Facebook newsfeed, Twitter timeline or the occasional Buzzfeed article. 715 more words

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Soccer Star Monica Gonzalez's Fitness Secret: Eat More Pistachios!

What does Monica Gonzalez, former Mexican Women’s National Soccer team captain, love to snack on? Pistachios!

The Latina athlete recently announced her partnership with Wonderful Pistachios as she begins her tour of the United States this summer. 524 more words

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You melt inside me, fulfilling all my fundamental needs of fat and sodium. As I consume and embrace your rich bold taste, I am rewarded with your generous gifts of iron, copper and magnesium. 54 more words

Wonderful Pistachios Study Finds Office Workers Gain 3.3kg a Year

Office workers in Australia are gaining on average 3.3kg a year (and this was only the Sydney statistic.. it actually was slightly higher on a national basis)…WOW! 757 more words

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Wonderful Pistachios

About to break out of my shell:
I love Wonderful Pistachios!

Super Bowl of Nuts

I know that the Super Blow (spelling intended) is now a week old, and in this media age of Twitter, Vine and Instagram, a week old post is so 2000-late, but dammit Jim, I am just a doctor.  988 more words