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No Luck Getting 2017 Coachella Tix? 2018 Tix Could Be Yours If You Eat Some Wonderful Pistachios and Destroy Ernie's Evidence

That’s right folks, dancing all day and night in the Sahara tent is just a few clicks away for you this week! How? Well Wonderful Pistachios recently launched an interactive online game, … 197 more words


John Cena Is The Voice Of 'Ernie The Elephant,' A Pistachio-Loving Pachyderm

We’ve already seen John Cena shill garbage bags, and we know he’s going to be the voice of a surfing penguin. Now he’s combining his loves of advertising and animation in a new ad campaign for Wonderful Pistachios, as he plays “Ernie the Elephant,” a very casual beast who loves pistachios and is apparently pretty cavalier about overloading an elevator and sending a coworker to his almost certain death. 176 more words