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Wonderful Word#3 BEAUTY

Make and own things of BEAUTY.

BEAUTY delights and liberates.

BEAUTY fills our hearts with joy and thanksgiving.

BEAUTY is transcendent.

BEAUTY uplifts our heart and fills us with joy. 36 more words

Wonderful Words

Present Over Perfect book club: embrace less

Oh my goodness, Shauna, Part 5 of this book, where do I start?

You write of the wrestle with people-pleasing and I nod my head. 358 more words

Wonderful Words

For the Love of Words

Love Them, They Will in Turn be Good to You

By Annette Rey

I have been called “a word nazi” many times in my life. Most of those times, the title is not said with humor. 625 more words

Wonderful Words

How to Avoid Embarrassing Errors

All of Us Make Them

By Annette Rey

You hate it when it happens. You pressed send and later find out there are errors in your submission. 300 more words

Wonderful Words

What is Faith?

Faith is believing:

  • You are LOVED.
  • You are CHOSEN for a purpose.
  • You are being GUIDED through life.
  • You are being RESOURCED. Provided for.
  • You are GIFTED.
  • 51 more words
Terrific Teachings

The Worst Days Are Over

Your life has been a long ride; full of sorrow, failures and disappointments. It has been an uphill climb for you. When you walked on the street, you felt the wind blowing gently behind your ears, but to you, it seemed as if it was blowing you to the shore. 191 more words

Life Happens

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President Abraham Lincoln--What a Writer!

Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday

Abraham Lincoln’s birthday is this Sunday the 12th. (I know this dates me, but I still miss getting to celebrate Lincoln and Washington’s birthdays separately!) 897 more words

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