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Lazar, Lazarus, Lazaret, Lazarette vs. Lazaretto (A "Lazy" Comparison)

Whether you’re a poet looking for words that start with L or a student trying to understand what a lazarette is, I have made this list to assist you. 299 more words

Wonderful Words

Sometimes, Just Enjoy Words

Reading Should be Fun

By Annette Rey

I wrote a post on creating imaginative words and plugging them into your writing. In the process, I mentioned Lewis Carroll’s… 230 more words

Wonderful Words

Quings and Krongs

Create Imaginative Words

By Annette Rey

Quings and Krongs – those words came naturally to my lips. I call my pets those names when they act silly, like cringing when I fluff a plastic bag, or flinching at a leaf blowing across their paths. 308 more words


Word of the Day #25

Velleity- a wish not strong enough to lead to action

Etymology- Latin


Word Of The Day

Springalds versus Ballistae - What is the Mechanical Difference?

This is not a historical lesson with dates and events, but a mechanical lesson to explain the physical differences between these two magnificent ancient artillery weapons. 474 more words

Wonderful Words

For the Love of Words

Love Them, They Will in Turn be Good to You

By Annette Rey

I have been called a “word nazi” many times in my life. This stems from my obvious love of words and the respect I have for the English language. 642 more words


Wonderful Word#3 BEAUTY

Make and own things of BEAUTY.

BEAUTY delights and liberates.

BEAUTY fills our hearts with joy and thanksgiving.

BEAUTY is transcendent.

BEAUTY uplifts our heart and fills us with joy. 36 more words

Wonderful Words