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2018 and my word for the year

2018 has arrived. In fact January has one week left and we will be heading into the rest of the year. February brings with it the beginning of school, the end of the relaxed chilled out vibes of the holidays, and a return to routine. 418 more words

Wonderful Words

Blog Update: IMPORTANT!!!

Big change is coming to this blog at some point today!

For all of you that follow me just for writing this is good news. 14 more words

Wonderful Words

On 2017 and my year of embrace

In 2017 my word for the year was embrace.

And as it has been a long time since my January post, I remind you again of the definition of embrace: 383 more words

Wonderful Words

A List of Interesting Interjections and Archaic Exclamations! Te Deum!

Somewhere in the Caribbean…

Adieu (a-DOO): “Goodbye!” Example: Adieu, poltroon! Fall on my spadroon!

Viva (vEEvA): “Long live!” Example: Adieu to you, craven! Viva Captain Flint! 215 more words

Wonderful Words

Continual and Continuous

There IS a Difference

By Annette Rey

Let’s make this simple. 218 more words


Wonderful Words - Complimentary vs Complementary

Wonderful Words is where I ramble about confusing, commonly misused or beautiful words. Words have power and can be so wonderful so I like to talk about them!

194 more words

Let's Talk About Mental Health:

Today, I read ‘Am I Normal Yet?’ in solidarity with #worldmentalhealthday .

Mental Illnesses are hard to cope with. They’re not like physical illnesses, bared for the world to see, and so they’re often stigmatised, not talked about, not accepted. 192 more words