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A List of Interesting Interjections and Archaic Exclamations! Te Deum!

Somewhere in the Caribbean…

Adieu (a-DOO): “Goodbye!” Example: Adieu, poltroon! Fall on my spadroon!

Viva (vEEvA): “Long live!” Example: Adieu to you, craven! Viva Captain Flint! 215 more words

Wonderful Words

Continual and Continuous

There IS a Difference

By Annette Rey

Let’s make this simple. 218 more words


Wonderful Words - Complimentary vs Complementary

Wonderful Words is where I ramble about confusing, commonly misused or beautiful words. Words have power and can be so wonderful so I like to talk about them!

194 more words

Residence or Residency?

A Short Clarification

By Annette Rey

These situations come up and it is good to take a look at them. You can develop a pattern of correct word usage by being in the habit of learning the correct word origin to work from. 195 more words


Fabulous Phrases and Wondrous Words

Here’s to the language lovers and the bibliophiles (find out what that means below ;) ).

Phrases and their origins

“Mind your own beeswax”

In the 18th / 19th century, women used beeswax-based make-up on their faces due to its skin smoothening properties. 275 more words


Woe to the Careless Writer

Vocabulary is Important!

By Annette Rey

Language does evolve and we should be thankful for that – to a point. I mean, we aren’t burdened with having to say “Dost thou desire a respite before partaking dinner?” We just say, “Wanna take a nap?” 288 more words


Writing Figurative Language

It Can Really Grab Attention

By Annette Rey

I came across a fabulous example of figurative language. It really caught my imagination and drew an enticing picture in my mind. 317 more words