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Hello word

This blog is for everyone in any step of the journey to happiness. Whether you’re someone at the beginning stage of coping with loss, or someone not dealing with grief but is lost in the stage of self discovery, this is for you. 103 more words


Bright and Bold Blackpool! Exploring entertainment posters and signage...

We got to work on developing ideas with our Young At Heart group last Thursday, as we have now moved into the RevoeLution Centre to work with a smaller group on ideas for their pop up museum. 170 more words

The Human Brain

“The human brain is a wonderful thing. It starts working the moment you are born and never stops unless you stand up to speak in public.” – Unknown

A lil Story about "A" ...

Hey A,

I dedicate this post for you..

Well, days after new years .. after i got robbed and that night me and my friend had a plan to watch live music in one of my fav lounge in Legian.. 729 more words


Amazing, isn’t it? This is a bust of a woman sculpted by Enrico Ferrarini that captures the essence of time, movement and continuity almost similar to that of an optical illusion.