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Annual Donation Goal Changes

Everyone should be quite aware of the wonderful outcome recently achieved, reaching a US$3000 donation goal in just 5 days. This achievement allows us to prepay the server costs for an entire year. 61 more words

A Surprising Weekend

My plans for the weekend went right out the window yesterday. The new boss woman and I arranged for the closest time to present for my training to begin. 181 more words

June 4, 2014

Kitten –

You are the most thoughtful, most wonderful woman in the whole wide world and I appreciate you so much.

Thank you for being you, Beautiful Girl. 18 more words



Let me inhale you…

U exhale away my sorrows.

Because u bloom like heavens!

That I have always wished and wondered of…

I fear and want to flow at the same time… 16 more words



Sitting on the one seated couch at the mall, i watched as people come and go. Some would be distracted with their phones while their loved ones were busy shopping in the selected store of their liking. 350 more words

Creepy Susie and 13 Other Tragic Tales for Troubled Children

First story starts with the Debbies and Helga thinking she fits into society and was a source of entertainment for the Debbies which made Helga want to get even with them whilst the Debbies wanted to quash any hope Helga had of believing she could coexist socially with others. 729 more words


Typing Away #3

There was a clattering of plastic being depressed by digits.

“When we become conscious of our world, the giant mud ball around us, is it not inevitable that we think of our place in the grand scheme of things? 178 more words