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Wandering into wonderland: Short story

Sometimes to wander is to feel a sense of adventure but sometimes its a bit finding yourself in something or someone that was the least expected. 752 more words

All In One

Flying to Wonderland

If someone came to me inviting me to race dragons in the moonlight I would laugh with glee and race out the door ready to fly away.  398 more words



There are days when even Fairies fail to surprise, to swirl their wand and dazzle with delight. There are days when even Fairies feel sorry, 67 more words

The Great Escapade 

Here’s what your daily routine probably looks like.

Jumping out of bed. Slamming the alarm shut. Rushing to the loo to get ready and getting that frizz out of your hair. 257 more words

Alice in Grieg's Wonderland

The usual excuses first

I’ve been crazy busy the last weeks being home on average about 1-2 nights per week, the rest full of business and private travel. 533 more words

Album Review

Behind The Decks With Katon Black

When your passion ignites into flames, the end result will be something so amazing that will keep your legs wobbling and your head bopping way after you’ve left the dance floor. 936 more words


More than a Brother

I wasn’t sure if I should start from the beginning or go with something more recent, but I figured to make you all understand my current situation it was better to start from the beginning. 1,408 more words

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"This is when a nurse came and got all of us and said “follow me please”. We walked right pass the waiting room and I remember thinking to myself “thank god that dumb ass is alright and she is taking us to his room.” So here we are walking, walking past the waiting room around the corner and into a small private room with a door. Confused was an understatement. Thats when my mom lost it, she started saying “he’s gone, he’s gone, they don’t put you in these fucking rooms to give you good news, they put you in here so no one can hear you cry”. "