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MISSION MILANO (2016) short review

This caper about an Interpol agent (Andy Lau) who joins forces with a gentleman-thief (Huang Xiaoming) to stop a terrorist organization from using a revolutionary invention known as the Seed of God (a seed that can grow even in the most barren places) for evil purposes could very well be a  240 more words

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LINE WALKER (2016) review

The spin-off from a highly-successful TVB series of the same title, with only Charmaine Sheh and Hui Shiu Hung’s characters carried over from small to big screen, Jazz Boon’s… 308 more words

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Mission Milano (王牌逗王牌, Wong Jing, 2016)

Despite its title, Mission Milano (王牌逗王牌, Wángpái Dòu Wángpái) spends relatively little time in the Northern Italian city and otherwise bounces back and forth over several worldwide locations as bumbling Interpol agent Sampan Hung (Andy Lau) chases down a gang of international crooks trying to harness a new, potentially world changing technology. 678 more words

God Of Gamblers (1989)

A gambler with almost supernatural ability suffers head trauma and amnesia, leading to two petty hustlers taking him in to try and find a way to profit from his gift. 177 more words


Film Review: 'From Vegas to Macau III'

Featuring a table-tennis game and a low-tech robot smash-up as its highlights, Wong Jing and Andrew Lau’s “From Vegas to Macau III” is a gambling caper with model “Chinese Socialist characteristics,” meaning there’s hardly any gambling or any other naughty fun at all. 826 more words


From Vegas to Macau III (2016)

From Vegas to Macau III is the big Chinese New Year release this year, and I figured I might as well go see it — I suffered through the first two films, why not smack myself in the crotch a third time? 1,188 more words