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Finding out WHY? Needing a purpose.

The last couple of days have been leading me forward along a path that has explored Frustration and Anxiety.  This path is leading somewhere…. although at the moment it is more about the journey than the, currently unknown, destination. 300 more words

Articles And Case Studies

Blake and the Chocolate Factory

So last week, I talked about our search for Willy Wonka Chocolate Bar and the Golden Ticket. And I promised to share with you how I made my Do-It-Yourself Wonka Bar… 192 more words


Done with my least favorite subject; science! I did the final exam today and it’s 8 pages long. I didn’t do too bad, but not too hot either; I got an 80%. 61 more words


A Little of Everything

My blog life started with a one hit wonder 4 months ago. What began as a Nutrition blog, and ended right there, too, has evolved in my head to be a whole lot more. 438 more words