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Red text from The Good Guys – No one gets them:

Where are the days where women were wooed by class, elegance and stability? Now, women go for man buns hipsters who care more about how much weed is in their joint than cash in their bank.  

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sunshine award nomination

Hey guys! Just wanted to tell you that my computer is fixed and up and running, so there will be more blog posts in the near future! 195 more words


Exes are Hexes

I have a very simple ideology when it comes to exes – PRESS DELETE.

 (only for adult relationships past high school!)

It’s super difficult to do but one press of a button and it’s over and it HAS to be all rounded like its laser hair removal. 462 more words


Sam Harris Satire Piece (Bonus Appearance from Kent Hovind)

I regret to inform you that I recently have a snap conversion to Young Earth Creationism, and from now on, will only be writing satire that is entirely King James-friendly and Unreconstructed-Calvinistically sound in character. 33 more words