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Science magazine's piece on the Giant Templeton Evolution Grant, and my response

About two weeks ago I was interviewed by Elizabeth Pennisi, a reporter for Science magazine, about the big grant (about $8 million, it seems—I was apparently wrong in claiming $11 million in my previous article) that the John Templeton Foundation gave to a group of researchers to “rethink” the modern theory of evolution and come up with a revision, an “extended evolutionary synthesis.” Pennisi had read… 2,381 more words


Authenticity: Meaningless to Meaningful

In July, I attended the World Domination Summit in Portland, OR, where there was a lot of discussion about Authenticity. The conclusion is, if you’re your authentic self, you’ll be successful and have a ton fun in life. 459 more words

Does the beauty and effectiveness of math in understanding the world prove anything?

One of the disadvantages of shopping for food early Sunday morning is that Krista Tippett’s “On Being” program is on National Public Radio at 7 a.m. 975 more words


Happy Monday💖

Hellooooo lovelies 💖

I woke up today just like everyone else thinking the same thing, “can’t believe it’s Monday again already 👎🏼 I can’t get out of bed” then there was a knock at the door, so obviously I was forced out of bed, and it was the postman delivering my JuicePlus shakes and Berry Capsules 💃🏽☀️🍇 15 more words

Wistful Woo

She gave him reason to kiss

She gave him reason to woo

He thought this is true bliss

Then she must also love me true… 24 more words