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Black Flags are always Cool

While organized campaigns against feminists are not new, one thing I haven’t seen before is black flag work.

You should all be trolling these groups, and trying to sew discord between them.

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Boy, 10, Killed In Suspected Human Sacrifice

Shocking news from Nepal, where it appears that 10 year old boy has been “sacrificed” by a superstitious homicidal moron.

Another unfortunate and horrific example of one false belief leading to another with deadly consequences. 15 more words

Gone to Dallas for the Week

My company has two data centers—one of them is in the Seattle area and the other is in the Dallas area. I’ve been to the Seattle one a few times (once with our PCI compliance auditor, once to install new NICs in our backup servers, and once to replace a failed hard drive in one of our storage arrays). 169 more words


5 Things That Really Annoy Me

So this morning was great. I got up on time, made my bed, brushed my teeth, you know the usual. That’s when it happened. I go downstairs to eat breakfast, pour myself a bowl of cereal (honey bunches of oats WOoO), and go to the fridge to pour some milk into the bowl as well. 772 more words


Ha... Ha... wow

Lets all just think back a couple days to when I said I was going on a diet.

Well as I type this I have a cookie in front of me. 68 more words