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Weekly Reader: Vol 1 Issue 2

Welcome to another edition of the Weekly Reader, where I find interesting articles that catch my eye and I share them with you! This week’s reading: 593 more words



Sometimes, I wonder just how long I’ll be able to hold my tongue.

Prime and I spent some time with the mother-in-law; it was decent enough until the subject of cancer was raised. 167 more words


Octopuses as aliens from another planet?

Reader Tim sent me a link to this article from the Daily Express, which I don’t read but suppose, from this one article, is about as credible as The Sun or other British tabloids purveying fake stories. 709 more words


I’m sure you can guess which one in the conversation is me….

Bipolar Duh

Watch Online Lost Flower Eo Woo Dong

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Seven Degrees of BS

I found this article on a Facebook group that I follow and it was so bad that it was bad. This was one of those articles that didn’t just ask for a takedown, it was begging for one. 2,287 more words


Talking with gods

Thanks to some mostly-online conversations, I’ve been thinking recently about how we talk with the gods, how they talk to us, what it means to have those conversations. 651 more words