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Engineer bags Designer of the Year award

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

An engineer has won the prestigious Designer of the Year award for the first time in the President’s Design Award’s 11-year history – a surprise as the profession is not often regarded as creative. 264 more words

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Infinite Stardusts.

She sought for romance hither thither,

Yet none could woo her.

Until he casted a spell,

On her, infinite stardusts showered and hailed.

Alex Woo Little Luck Sterling Silver Elephant Pendant Necklace

When an elephant makes its way into your dream, it’s a message meaning that you are able to conquer any of life’s obstacles. Representing happiness, solidity and good luck, the Little Luck Elephant pendant will help you overcome any challenges with triumph. 16 more words

16 things I learnt at 16

Hey, y’all.

Yesterday I turned seventeen, I’m super old now.

Anyway, sixteen was definitely an interesting year and there was a lot of things I learnt during the year. 281 more words

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Quantum Woo; Let Science Speak For Itself

Lately I’ve been taking notice of all the products/belief systems being peddled here in America that use vaguely “scientific” claims but offer absolutely no proof. 507 more words


More osculation of religion in National Geographic

I’ve noted that, over time, National Geographic has gotten more and more fond of religious topics, and is actually sympathetic to faith. I’ll put the cover of this December’s issue here and move on, as I haven’t read any articles (it’s not online, and I’m sure as hell not going to buy it). 20 more words