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More nonsense at NPR about God

I am frankly amazed that National Public Radio (NPR) would publish this mushy reconception of religion, for it’s worse than that purveyed by apophatists like Karen Armstrong. 2,578 more words


EU mandates homeopathy for sick animals on British organic farms

Since Europe is less soaked in religion than is the U.S., I always think of Across the Pond as a more rational and humane place than my own country. 621 more words


Canadian court comes to its senses, mandates chemotherapy for leukemia-afflicted child

The long story of the Canadian courts allowing First Nations children to die out of respect for their useless “traditional healing practices” has had a happy resolution—at least in one case.  752 more words


#074 - Stop giving Autistic children bleach

Myles and James are joined by Lorraine, who is involved in a campaign to highlight Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS). A ‘treatment’ aimed at curing everything from HIV to cancer. 69 more words



chanting… glazed eyed

feeling the strings of self

tugged tight inside my chest

chakra… sacral… heart… root

just words that have no meaning

connected by a purple haze turned clear… 34 more words

Pelaksanaan KAA Dianggap Sukses oleh Korsel

Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: Pelaksanaan Konferensi Asia Afrika (KAA) dianggap sukses oleh Wakil Perdana Menteri Korea Selatan (Korsel) Hwang Woo Yea. Pertemuan ini dianggap bagus untuk mengikat negara Asia Afrika. 122 more words


'Wellness' is not about health

The recent exposé of the so-called ‘wellness’ blogger, Belle Gibson, is nothing more than ripping the curtain back on yet another charlatan, playing on people’s hopes and fears. 515 more words

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