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RIP Wayne Dyer. Always at odds but a lifelong teacher.

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We made such an odd couple that I mostly kept it a secret, coming out only to best and forgiving friends. He was deeply spiritual and viewed everything from that vantage. 1,664 more words


Who Is Matthew Johnson threatening?

I was asked yesterday to post a live link to the video in question on my blog. Never. I will however start doing it for everyone else for the sake of argument. 460 more words


A Woo Cruise—not a joke!

At first I thought this Conspira-Sea cruise, whose passengers are subjected to every form of woo and denialism that exists, was a joke, but it’s not. 60 more words


“Positive Attitude” Bullshit: On the dangers of “radical self-love”

There is an endless supply of people who are ready and willing to inform us about what we are doing wrong, and how we can alter our behaviour so we can get ahead and inject magic and happiness into our lives. 1,953 more words

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Positive Thinking is not going to win over structural racism, structural sexism, structural able-ism or anything else beyond your control. The only thing that beats that is this: ORGANIZE AND FIGHT.

Andrew Robson... How did I not know about this guy?

He’s totally flown under my radar, I mean I’ve been in the community for a long time and only now am finding out about this dude. 515 more words


Future Green Party Policies: If Only I Were Joking!

A letter by Lynn Ashwell in the Bury Times not long ago suggested that many of Jeremy Corbyn’s policies are reminiscent of those of the ‘Green Party.’ 999 more words