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Chopra and Tanzi: Exercise will reprogram your genes in 60 days

While eating my ribtips (I see the termites have already descended on that post), I turned on the PBS channel on t.v. (WTTW in Chicago, if anybody there is listening.) On the show, to my chagrin, appeared Deepak Chopra and Rudy Tanzi, On a show called “Brain, Body, Mind”, they were dispensing health advice to callers—and, of course, flogging their wares. 253 more words


National Geographic purveys more woo: a water bottle containing magic gemstones

I think I’m late to this party, but am putting it here for the record.

I’ve kvetched a lot about National Geographic and its recent penchant for publishing articles on religion—especially articles on Christianity that take for granted that Jesus is real.  581 more words


Wednesday Woo: Video Edition: Love and Light

Wednesday Woo returns with an all-new video by the one and only Missus Snarky. I hope you will give it a watch and if you enjoy it subscribe and share. 6 more words


Poem - Am I the one

Poem Title: Am I the one
Author: Stanley Zack bin Sebol @ Jack Sebol

Sometimes you’re riding a bike
You are cutting really fast through… 168 more words

Poem - Dawn of Forever

Poem Title: Dawn of Forever
Author: Stanley Zack bin Sebol @ Jack Sebol

Death may bring Me to remembrance
Breath will bring Me resemblance
To behold once more Your countenance… 78 more words

Poem - Love Grows

Poem Title: Love Grows
Author: Stanley Zack bin Sebol @ Jack Sebol

Where there’s no pain
For active life to brim,
Love wanes,
and faith grows dim… 89 more words

Poem - Greatest Tales

Poem Title: Greatest Tales
Author: Stanley Zack bin Sebol @ Jack Sebol

I want to love you like this world’s meant for you,
Will it take my whole being to start my woo? 149 more words