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I had bought a vase decorated with a simple outline of trees done with tube lined glazes reminiscent of Moorcroft pottery and I wondered if I could achieve a similar effect in wood. 161 more words

Wood Carving



I am not a fan of Salvidor Dali but his paintings of “melting” watches flowing over the landscape and draped over trees will be familiar to most people. 180 more words

Wood Carving



Many years ago, in a craft shop, I had seen a bronze octopus mounted on a rounded boulder. It was way out of my price range but the image stuck with me and I decided to see if the idea would work in wood. 205 more words

Wood Carving

Gilding a Spanish Style Picture Frame

I was awarded the commission to create a carved Spanish-style picture frame for a 1914 painting by Waldo Peirce for the Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland, Maine. 59 more words


High-Speed Rotary Engraving aka Power Carving

Contrary to Copper Wheel engraving, this technique is relatively new.  In essence, a drill similar to a dentists’ drill, equipped with a diamond burr, is used to cut into the surface of the glass. 98 more words


Art before the rain

Well here in the Temescal Valley on Friday the 17th of February where we are still waiting for some of the wet stuff called rain. Some locals have some sand bags in place, enough food and some logs for the fireplace. 522 more words