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Soaking up the sun

Well now that the rain, thunder and lightning is just a memory, we can get some wood carving done. Up here among the trees the lightning was quite an awesome sight as we watched the thin slivers of light go to the ground. 491 more words


Just For Fun: Who Said There Were No Sasquatches?

Who says there are no Sasquatches?  Yesterday I saw two, and the other day I saw one with two wolves in the back of a truck in the  parking lot of Canadian Tire.  116 more words


More Shaving Horses and My Mobile Set-up

A shaving horse is an invaluable tool if you create or work with odd-shaped objects that are otherwise difficult to clamp or need to constantly move around.  762 more words


Ready to paint

I suppose the weather people know what they are talking about. But with a forecast of 93, it only feels like 92 to me, but what do I know? 419 more words


Sweeping up Thursday

So hello to all, hope you day is going well. We are in 94 degrees outside right now and the tin box I affectionately call the “workshop” is rather warm right now. 369 more words


More Sawdust

Well hello, here we are in the beautiful Temescal Valley. We have a lake called “Lake Elsinore” of all things, with a town attached to it. 536 more words


Carved Wood and Reeds Antique Native American Duck Decoy

Item Name
Native American Duck Decoy
$250.00 USD
Native American Wood Carving
In Stock 1
Item #
PYH – 4204… 170 more words

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