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Another Travel Mug

My first turning for three weeks, saw me turn another shell for a travel mug. This one is ash, from Blairgowrie in Perthshire.
The branch had a small amount of rot, where side branches had been. 122 more words


I Present the iFock

We have a thing in the family where off-brand items are given the name of the brand item, but with an ‘F’ in front for fake. 158 more words


Better Than a Wooden Pringles Tube

There is a current trend within the Woodchuckers Facebook group for turning passive speakers for smartphones. I made my attempt yesterday.
This is my version. Timber is ash for the horn, beech for the base, and oak for the phone stands. 35 more words


A Short Long-Weekend

These last few days off have seemed very short indeed. I got plenty done, but not much turning. I finally re-built my heavy bench, tidied up some more clutter, shelved inside a cabinet, connected up the fourth light fixture, added more power sockets, added a network outlet, and made some storage boxes. 247 more words


Scrap Bin Challenge

I decided to challenge myself after seeing an article on using up bits of scrap timber. I bought some wee round magnets and had a dig in the scrap bin. 228 more words


Oneway Easy Core Laser aid

I have and love my Oneway Easy Core System. Before I purchased it I watched a video on the Oneway website which really got me going in the right direction and help me decide this was the coring system I wanted. 640 more words

Wood Lathe

The Pellet With the Poison........

Is in the vessel with the pestle………
For the uninitiated, that’s a line from A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court.

I finally managed back out to play. 139 more words