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Why Not to Use Wood Pellets for Your Next Building Project

In honor of Earth Day 2016, and its focus on planting trees, here’s a blog about about wood pellets, a.k.a, the non-sustainable wood to use for your renovation or project. 529 more words

Ontario Wood Pellets Would Have Produced Less Than Half Of The (net) CO2 as Norwegian Wood Pellets

Ontario is importing “advanced biomass” wood pellets from Norway. See the post here is you are coming in late.

I was looking for total CO2 figures for the Atikokan plant. 162 more words

AGW Is A Cult

Ontario Spent 170 million to Convert a Coal Power Plant to burn Norwegian Wood Pellets

Ontario has shut down its coal power plants. One of those coal power plants was Atikokan. What OPG decided to do (because they needed dispatchable power) was to convert the plant to biomass. 302 more words

AGW Is A Cult

Wood Pellets are 3x to 4x More Expensive Than Coal And Produce More CO2.

UPDATE: See 1.5 year old numbers for coal versus wood in USA at bottom

I’m not a big fan of coal. But I do oppose stupidity. 589 more words


Ontario Converts 4,000MW of Coal Power Plant to 44MW of solar

Ontario Canada is converting a 4,000MW coal power plant to a 44MMW solar farm.

“Through the IESO’s new Large Renewable Procurement program, solar providers will receive an average of 15.67 cents/kWh for their clean energy.” 100 more words


DRAX Wood Burning Scam Unravelling

I’ve written about DRAX before. Because of loopholes in UK and EU “climate” laws the largest coal power plant is switching from coal to wood pellets sources from the USA. 233 more words


German Pellets은 파산을 신청

극심한 재정적 어려움때문에 독일 Amtsgericht Schwerin의 German Pellets은 파산을 신청하였다고 독일 신문 Handelsblatt은 발표하였습니다. 그리고 이런 사실을 지역 법원을 통하여 확인하였습니다. Handelsblatt에 따르면 제삼자의 관리를 통한 자주관리아래 파산이 계획되어 있습니다. 9 more words