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What can you find in a scrap of wood?

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

I love the idea of taking an item that’s to be tossed away and turning it to something useful or pretty. 107 more words


Engineering Galore

Whoo, It’s all over! I’ve finished the engineering and final write up stage of the design , and I’ve pumped out some stuff that I’m really proud of. 163 more words


Welcome! What do you do?

What do you do? I wonder if that’s an American phrase or if other cultures asked a similar question. To me it’s a question that hides another question.  171 more words


Week 13 - It's over.

Whoah! What a week. So little sleep to get this monster done.

Tui – Design Fiction Video on Vimeo

This is the design for my app pages, in order of use. 357 more words


Week 11 - The Grid

This was my final electronics prototyping round before getting it ready to install into my model. I’ve decided to only create on model, and not separate my aesthetic and working model. 316 more words


Week 10 - Oh the pain.

My crackpot pan works!  Further testing of my crazy touch pad layouts shows that it will work! I spent some time adjusting my code on the Arduino and searched for an effective sensitivity code and found a new one, which has change the way it works and improved it significantly. 399 more words


#60 - Woodturning Burr Burl Oak Winged Bowl with Copper Inlay

I remember woodwork at school, oh it was an embarrassment. I was so bad, and so surprised that i never lost  a finger or two. But, i do like watching people with skill like this gentleman. 528 more words