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While working much of last week at a 15,000-acre job site doing environmental studies, in the mountains of Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, Jim and I came across two separate wood turtles.  767 more words


Over 2,000 turtle eggs incubating at Peterborough's turtle conservatory

The Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre in Peterborough, Ont., is caring for more than 2,000 turtle eggs.

The centre works with a veterinarian to rescue turtles found along roadsides and in the wild; the eggs from injured turtles can be saved, even when the mother turtle cannot be. 209 more words


Working a 9 to 5 Job That You’d Never Believe

Today we’re hearing how Kelly Vera is tackling invasive species and conserving natural habitats as a Hispanic Access Foundation intern. Follow the journey of Hispanic Access Foundation interns doing great conservation and outreach work throughout the northeast… 478 more words

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The Slow Race to Save Three Turtle Species

You may have heard the timeless saying, “slow but steady wins the race,” the moral of the fable The Tortoise and the Hare. In many ways, that’s true for the biologists, researchers, conservationists, and landowners who hope to reverse the decline of three rare turtle species. 1,497 more words

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Mystery Photo I.D. - Leeches feeding on the blood of a Snapping Turtle

Leeches are segmented worms (annnelids) which feed predominantly on blood, although some species do eat insects. Of the 700 species of leeches, 500 inhabit fresh water, as opposed to salt water or land. 279 more words

Rare endangered turtle native to Ontario found wandering in Burnaby

A turtle that was found walking in the middle of a back road near Burnaby Lake last week has been identified as an endangered species that is native to Ontario. 232 more words


Charles City awaits Army Corps of Engineers direction on trailway bridge

CHARLES CITY — No definitive date has been set for the demolition of the Charley Western Trailway Bridge as the city awaits an answer from the Army Corps of Engineers. 108 more words

Charles City