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Wood Turtles Becoming Active & Mating

After spending the winter hibernating in small streams and rivers, Wood Turtles awaken, become more active, mate (usually in shallow water), and eventually leave the water to begin foraging for food. 67 more words


The Pleistocene Ridge and Valley Reptile Corridor

The composition of reptile and amphibian species living in present day Georgia is almost the same as it was during the late Pleistocene.  This suggests climate change in southeastern North America has been much more moderate compared to the rest of the continent.  1,134 more words

Ontario turtles threatened by poachers

TORONTO – Turtle populations in southern Ontario are under threat from poachers, who are selling the critters on the black market.

Researcher Ron Brooks says there are no statistics on the exact numbers of turtles involved. 98 more words