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Photo challenge 52/365

Today’s picture is one I took while out stretching my legs at lunch time. I thought I’d go for a nice relaxed walk, I put my coat on thinking its February so it may look sunny but it’s probably still cold…. 373 more words

Photo Challenge

Her Daughter Can’t Seem to Finish Anything

Dear Vicki: This may be an odd question, but I’m hoping you can help. My teenage daughter, Sam, is very creative and loves to design things like clothing, pottery, and even scenery for our local theater. 637 more words


Little paintings!

I haven’t been able to paint something every day lately since I just had my first few days of working as a kindergarten teacher! It’s a lot of fun playing and taking care of the children but I have been so exhausted when arriving home. 83 more words


Wood Project Reflection

So, for my slot and tab wood project, I chose to create a sculpture of a barn owl. It’s about four inches tall at its highest and about four inches wide at its widest. 619 more words


What Are The Important Things That Make The Carpet Special?

Picking the ideal kind of carpet is necessary as it is going to serve yours for a long duration. As soon as you are finished with the house design, the next essential thing that you need to care for is discovering the very best quality carpet for your floor covering. 616 more words

The Pitch for Noah’s Ark

Pitch is a black glue-like substance
by Dr. Tas Walker

Many geologists claim that Noah could not possibly have built the ark in the manner described in Genesis. 262 more words


Create. Build. Enjoy.

As my interest in paddle building continues, it seems to be evolving from more of a ‘can I do this’ point of view to more of a ‘this looks good to me’ point of view. 264 more words