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Sawdust fountains off

Spicing the air

With the scent of hot wood,

Every strand of hair and

Crease of clothing is coated

In the dust. 57 more words



So here are some promised pictures from the Ancient technique days in Kurala!

Tällaista mutelaiset tekee

Meidän leiri

Kauniit rakennukset

Kuralan Kylämäki

Mahtavat perinnemaisemat

Näyttää jo melkein lusikalta… 216 more words

What We Can Learn from Lamp Posts and Utility Poles

Recently a crew from PG&E came to our neighborhood to replace a utility pole. (Utility poles are the wooden poles that carry power, phone and cable television lines.) It was an old and weather-beaten pole, its surface burnt by years of being in the sun, riddle with holes from carpenter ants, and huge cracks running down its length. 995 more words

Personal Essay

Wood Brick Home Matches Custom with Advancement

Constructed by Jaro Krobot , this task was a fantastic exploration within material creativity. By using brand new building technologies to reconstruct a traditional house, the environment of the encircling area had been preserved. 14 more words

Newberg Home

Located in the Oregon town of Newberg, the stunning sun-lit Newberg House is set atop a man-made pond surrounded by lush forest. The home was designed to blend into its natural surroundings, and features wide windows facing the large pond. 42 more words