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Woodchipping mulch for apple trees begins at RNOH Orchard. 

On Sunday we began the slow task of laying a woodchip mulch down around each of the trees.  Although it may be a bit early in the Spring for this its an important task for this particular orchard as its a very heavy clay prone to water logging.  50 more words


“Chipping Away” at What We Don't Know About Bioreactors

Last week, Dr. Laura Christianson joined us for our monthly Iowa Learning Farms webinar. Christianson has nine years of experience focused on agricultural drainage water quality and denitrification bioreactors for point and nonpoint nitrogen treatment. 452 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Textures

Ask any mom of a young child and they can tell you where the best playgrounds in the area are. They can even rate each one based on best slides and swings, accessible bathrooms and garbage cans, shaded areas, and if they are on rubber bits, wood chips or grass. 74 more words

A Palpatine Burial Or Palatine Burial?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I was not in the dream, and the dream was about a boy who I think ended up being raised by an older man who was probably not related to him but I am not sure what the details were for this. 846 more words

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