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The Benefits of Mulching

What is mulch? Mulch is a protective layer spread over the ground to protect soil and plant roots from undesirable conditions.

The following organic materials can be used as mulch:  368 more words

Organic Farming

Woodchips in swales

Kevin Wallace

If I had swales I’d be filling them to the top with woodchips, covering with my clay soil, and then lighting one end of the woodchips to make biochar, leaving them there to compost, then growing in them Terra Preta field style. 8 more words


Don't Eat That

I’m fat. Lord knows I try to be good though. I write down my food in myfitnesspal and while I rarely make it to my goal between Reese’s peanut butter cups and Doritos taco flavor I do try. 457 more words


Exploded timbers
Scattered on gardens, playgrounds
Splinters, fat and thin


Woodchipping mulch for apple trees begins at RNOH Orchard. 

On Sunday we began the slow task of laying a woodchip mulch down around each of the trees.  Although it may be a bit early in the Spring for this its an important task for this particular orchard as its a very heavy clay prone to water logging.  50 more words


“Chipping Away” at What We Don't Know About Bioreactors

Last week, Dr. Laura Christianson joined us for our monthly Iowa Learning Farms webinar. Christianson has nine years of experience focused on agricultural drainage water quality and denitrification bioreactors for point and nonpoint nitrogen treatment. 452 more words