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Rand Paul

the sea is full of dying life
sea life dying to live
see life dying having lived
see life having lived dying
dying having lived? see life. 14 more words


More snot and disco skirts

Oh joy I am back on the fibreglass!

A mixed blessing fibreglass is. The unarguable protection it provides makes it a necessity, but dealing with it is not fun. 605 more words



Registration information for boats and vendors is coming soon.

Lets build

The ice storm that covered most of the country in February seriously impeded my build schedule. At least in my head it did. Two weeks and a couple of emails with Sandra from Duckworks and I had my plans in hand. 370 more words

The first words are the hardest

All of my life I have had a strong desire to build. Growing up my room was scattered with Lego’s and half built model airplanes so it makes sense to me why I want to build something bigger now. 64 more words

Boats! Don't you just love 'em!

I have a thing about boats. I have always liked boats. They have great shapes, great personality.  And as soon as you start boating, wherever you are, you get a terrific feeling of independence. 676 more words


Before fitting the upper decks I corrected a slight warp in the area of the transom by gluing wood blocks to hold it square (see photograph). 17 more words

Mary Rose