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big crane

Our boatyard has two cranes, a big one and a little one. They can lift enormous boats out of the water. The bottom is washed and the water is filtered and then the boats are set down to be worked on, all over the boatyard. 45 more words

Rural Doctor

A Woodshop in the Woods

´╗┐The shop they built has a roof that swoops down around a strip of plastic skylight and then shoots forward like a pouty lip. The outside is painted black, surprisingly elegant, rustic and profound like traditional chalkboards in old-fashioned classrooms.The spring New York greenery lends life to the dark walls, proving that black is inherently neutral, enhancing whatever mood surrounds it. 758 more words


The introverted thinker breaks the rules

My earliest memory is taste and proprioception.

I am outside in the yard. I am under three, because it is when we still lived in Knoxville, Tennessee. 156 more words

Rural Doctor

Why Hello Again Tiger

I have been waiting for this trip, manipulating my moves to keep me close and available, anxious for the chance to cross another ocean, to experience Tiger again, to learn more about sailing and boat maintenance from the man who instilled in me my addiction to the ocean.

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Wooden Boat

Continuing the internals

I continued to fillet and fibreglass all of the seams. When doing the front compartment, I need to use a length of timber as a spacer to hold the correct shape. 521 more words

Wooden Boat

Caulking and Splining

Hey guys,

Apologies for the silence, due to a nasty bug I was a little under the weather and so was not able to pay Saoirse any attention for a few weeks. 749 more words

Boat Maintenance