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…today’s wordpress prompt is pretend….

Let’s pretend….

….that the presidential candidates for 2016 were suddenly revealed to be the opposite sex of what we all thought….

….what would that look like?

Rural Doctor

Morning boats 2

Good morning! I love the soft pink and blue of the sky and clouds and reflections…. and the boat….

Rural Doctor

Wooden boat!

Rushed out this morning for the 6:42 sunrise and this is my favorite so far! Contrasts, the ferry and the schooner and the small boats trailing… I worked yesterday so today I get to be at the… 13 more words

Rural Doctor

The Dockyard Model Shop

Owner Robert Bright established the shop in 1994 , if you wish to find it then stand in front of HMS Ocelot with the submarine behind you , in front of you is the fire station on your left.Walk straight up and you will have a green on your right and the Forge in front of you , turn left at the Forge an walk straight on until you see the entrance. 33 more words

Chatham Historic Dockyard

Unparalleled Boat Building

At Van Dam we are known for the use of a modern construction method referred to as “cold molding” (in which the term cold actually refers to room temperature.) A room temperature cure epoxy adhesive is used to laminate many thin layers of wood planks, which will create the hull. 228 more words