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The first run of planks in lime have been completed on each side. There will be some filling and sanding needed to get all the curves of the hull running smoothly, but I’ll probably leave that until I’ve completed all the first layer. 263 more words

Fit For You

The decision to purchase a boat usually begins with a list of wants and needs, a bit like buying a house. Size, type, use and price might be items on your list. 368 more words

Tree boat

A friend wrote a tune to my poem Tree boat.


Build me a boat to float in a tree
A boat of dreams and play there with me… 165 more words

Rural Doctor

A Woodenboat Adventure: Greg Hatten in Rocky Mountain National Park

Our friend Greg Hatten took a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park this year. it brought him some memories, some nostalgic and some frightening. Says Greg: 377 more words

Pendleton Woolen Mills


…today’s wordpress prompt is pretend….

Let’s pretend….

….that the presidential candidates for 2016 were suddenly revealed to be the opposite sex of what we all thought….

….what would that look like?

Rural Doctor

Morning boats 2

Good morning! I love the soft pink and blue of the sky and clouds and reflections…. and the boat….

Rural Doctor