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Curtain Track

So you’re thinking of giving your interiors a makeover and have just got yourself a set of stunning curtains. Drapes can make all the difference to your décor, but remember, the big difference lies in how they’re hung. 504 more words

Wooden Curtain Poles

Though there was a huge shift away from traditional curtain poles, today they’re slowly making a strong comeback in design circles. Today, there are many “looks” that exist side by side – minimalist, modern, retro chic, antique, classical, ethnic, artistic, art deco etc and the best part about curtain poles is that they fit into all these schemes.  439 more words

Asian Decor

This style can be achieved very easily, maybe with just a woodweave blind and an orchid in the bedroom or a wooden venetian blind, an ornament of Buddha and an arrangement of bamboo plants in the bathroom; it’s just a question of degrees. 579 more words

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French Connection

Modern French decor is often a combination of tradition elegance and modern minimalism.

Grey and white walls and minimal curtains or blinds and Cabriole legged Louis XV style furniture for me is the epitome of a French decor and the great attraction of this type of design is that it will add a touch of glamour to modern efficiency making even the most ugly computer recede into relative obscurity. 508 more words

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Embrace your Dented Walls and Scruffy Furniture

One very obvious look for a Mediterranean house is the use of lots of wrought iron both inside and out, but unless you live in California or indeed the Mediterranean, fancy wrought iron bars at the windows, whilst they may seem appealing in the current era of household theft and are ideal for keeping unwanted intruders out, will look ridiculous in the U.K. 608 more words

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Keep it Simple

Wooden curtain poles and plain wooden blinds are the obvious choice for a rustic type of Mediterranean decor and the simpler the better.

Dark wood colours will also look more authentic, the light pine coloured poles being more akin to an English Country Cottage look and they can also be used to create a more original type of headboard, just a couple of cushion pads with tab tops posted on the pole is all it takes – fancy upholstered headboards would have been a definate no in this style of decor. 382 more words

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Pink for Girls and Blue for Boys or is it ????.

Playing safe and going white or lemon for the nursery is a thing of the past as if only to get the colour choice for the nursery correct, we can ask the sex of the baby. 643 more words

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