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WOODEN WAND - " Aurora "

In May of 2015, I traveled to Chicago to record some songs for my album Clipper Ship. The band for these sessions was bassist… 194 more words


WOODEN WAND - " Toth's Law - Volume 2 "

Says Swans frontman and head of Young God Records Michael Gira, James Jackson Toth’s “got that picaresque quality that Dylan had in his heyday, wherein the shambolic narrator undergoes various travails and epiphanies—harrowing, bleak and darkly comical—in the course of a narrative, then leaves you mystified, both smiling and sad.” They are collections of outtakes, demos and songs that never, for one reason or another, made it onto his other recording output. 390 more words


Wooden Wand - Toth's Law Vols 2 & 3

We’ve been remiss in sharing details of Wooden Wand’s Toth’s Law recordings. Volume 1 came out back in June, which we did cover, but Volumes 2 and 3 have followed since then. 127 more words


Playlist, Jul 20 2017

OFFA REX  The Old Churchyard  ‘The Queen Of Hearts’  (Nonesuch)

Feature rarity: MEGAN SUE HICKS  1. Hey Can You Come Out And Play  2. One Last Alley  3. 193 more words


Wooden Wand - Toth's Law

After waiting a goodly while for Wooden Wand’s excellent new album Clipper Ship, James Jackson Toth has surprised us with a second full length release, … 305 more words


May 2017 Mix

Music for May 2017

  1. Dumbo Gets Mad – ‘Crystal balls on roll (South Africa)’ (from Quantum Leap, 2013)
  2. Jib Kidder – ‘Melt me’ (from Teaspoon to the Ocean, 2015)
  3. 72 more words