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One of My New Favorite Whiskey Cocktails

It’s a Frankenstein concoction. A bunch of ingredients together which you probably would not normally mix. But when you’re bored and have time to experiment, why not throw it all together and see how it tastes? 198 more words

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Shining Light 

My dad is a fixer. From weird rattles in my car to the washing machine giving up the ghost, when something breaks, I phone dad. As I have got older I have learnt bits and pieces of DIY from him: I am little miss sparky when it comes to changing a fuse, can hang my own pictures and I am professional (even if I do say so myself) when it comes to anything that needs a screwdriver. 223 more words

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Mastering Some Woodford Reserve

It’s easy to write things off, whether it’s because of bad experience, ancillary influences or even just outright familiarity. I haven’t always been as even tempered as I am these days, and there was definitely a time in my career where if I was 10 people deep at the bar and you asked for a big name product I sure as hell didn’t want to sell you that product because haven’t you seen everything else on the bar?! 831 more words


Woodford Reserve Rye Review

Woodford Reserve is certainly one of the most recognizable bourbon brands on the market today.  However, their premium line of limited edition whiskeys (the “Masters Collection”) has not gained the notoriety or acclaim as other limited releases like Buffalo Trace’s “Antique Collection” or Heaven Hill’s “Parker’s Heritage Collection.”  So much so, that among even some avid bourbon drinkers, people are unaware that Woodford Reserve comes in any other forms than the unmistakable Woodford flat bottle.  330 more words

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'Til Death Us Do Part

In the summer of 1964, Dr. John Welles and Bea Turner attended the wedding of a couple that never expected to marry. Many hardships had paved the way to the happy couple’s nuptials, but they put every adversity behind them as they celebrated their special day. 935 more words

The Secrets Of Dr. John Welles

1792 Small Batch Review

About – 1792 Small Batch is a product of the Barton distillery which is a member of the Sazerac conglomerate which also owns Buffalo Trace. 1792 gets its name from 1792 being the year that the state of Kentucky joined the union. 134 more words


Bourbon’s Unsung Heroes: Ouita Michel And Chefs Who Cook With Bourbon

In the late 1980s the idea of using Bourbon to cook with was the occasional Bourbon Ball or some other chocolate fudge combo, baked beans and the daring chef would substitute Bourbon for Brandy in a recipe. 576 more words

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