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Well, it has been a very wet and miserable day here on Anglesey.  Too wet for working in the garden or the woods, so we took a ‘walk about the policies’ making a list of the trees we need to get to replace those that are dying, or to fill the gaps left by those we have had to cut down, or which have fallen in the storms over the years.   634 more words


Why Don't Woodpeckers Get Concussions? | PBS Science Video

More head-banging news from the land of hard knocks.

This is an installment of the PBS – It’s OK to be Smart series. If no film or link appears in this email, … 41 more words



Here are three images of locally common birds, darkened so colors are not clearly evident.  Look at the shapes.  I often tell my birding classes that birds on wire or in treetops are often identifiable by shape alone.  408 more words

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Everyday, the woodpeckers visit the squirrel feeders and persistently try to get at the goodies inside.  One has chiselled their way in, damaging the feeder in the process. 402 more words

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Cannonball-Wabash Adventure

Today was one of the best days. I can’t believe how beautiful it is outside. I left my house around 11am this morning, and didn’t get home until 3:30pm. 75 more words


Looking Rather Bird-legged

I have heard of one having a bow-legged appearance, but this Brown Thrasher landed in a rather bird-legged stance.

He must have realized that this put quite a hurting on his intimidation factor, as he quickly remedied his position and adopted a more threatening stance. 35 more words


Winter Bird Feeding--A Session With Randy Carone's Camera

Hello, everyone!  This post follows up on a conversation I started with Randy Carone, who contributed one of the photographs for a previous blog post about leaving plant seedheads and fruits for winter birds to eat and when which birds eat particular fruits and seeds. 566 more words

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