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Facts About Woodpeckers And Woodpecker Houses

Woodpeckers come from the family of birds known as Picidae. They live in, or on the edge of woods and peck holes into trees creating a hollow inside, or they can reside in manmade woodpecker houses, where they build their nest and raise young. 14 more words

Woodpeckers are in

You can tell when the weather is nice, even if only for a short period of time… the birds and squirrels come out in droves to collect seeds and food before the storms return.   35 more words


Pink Feet and Red Heads

The pink-footed goose is a compact goose with grey-brown plumage, a short pink beak, and as the name might imply, pink feet. Their breeding territory is far to the north in Greenland, Iceland and Svalbard, and they… 580 more words



I was back at Wortman Park this afternoon.  More rain, of course.  The Acorn Woodpeckers were busy next to the east end parking lot.  And the resident hummer was on guard.  35 more words


Northern Flicker

My Experience

Northern Flickers are probably the coolest species of birds that come regularly to my garden. I never get bored of them as they are beautiful and large enough not to blend in with the rest of the garden birds. 969 more words


No Such Thing As A Gray Day

There’s really no such thing as a gray day in my backyard.
Sure, the skies might be dull and overcast, but that just seems to make the bold colors of the birds all the more brilliant. 41 more words