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Progress and Setbacks

After getting some great answers about design ideas on the dresser top, I had a bit of a physical setback. On the day the post went live I was attending swimming lessons for my girls. 789 more words

The Dresser


A male American Goldfinch appeared in our garden today for the first time this year.  I took some lousy shots through a window…the bird is partially molted into bright new breeding plumage. 35 more words


Days of Birds

When I first moved to New York City, fresh from the open air and mountain views of Colorado, the best part of my week was grocery shopping. 208 more words



We have a woodpecker family in our back yard. We see them running up the power pole in the back, stopping to survey their domain when they get to the top.  103 more words

Mother Nature

... said no farmer ever!

Throw out anything we’re not using … said no farmer ever!

I like to ‘declutter’. As much for the process as for the end result. I see pictures every now and again in books or online of amazing rooms with nothing but clean lines of furniture and an occasional book strategically placed on a gleaming glass coffee table.  449 more words

Animal Friends

A Male Downy Woodpecker

This tiny bird is a male Downy Woodpecker.  It is among the smallest of the woodpeckers in the United States.  You can tell it is a male by that red spot on the crown of its head. 168 more words

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Winter Woodpeckers

I started this post a while back but got distracted. Yesterday’s snow (3 days after hail) the day of the time change reminded me that winter is just about over so I figured now or never. 537 more words