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Is this bird leucistic or more yellowish in tone?  Anyway, this Acorn Woodpecker has unusual plumage.  These images were captured in Ashland by Emmalisa Whalley, an avid Jackson County birder. 83 more words


Freezing Foggy Morning

Its cold out and Hummer is still refusing to share……I use Christmas lights to help keep the food from freezing and he is hogging all three !!!! 231 more words



Wow, it’s getting very tough for Woody and Momma to come down. That Coopers Hawk aka Sneaky Pete is really really sneaky !!!!! I have caught him sneaking low in the tree right at the break of dawn,  I limit feeding and have moved times but he is very patient hunter, grrrrr.   279 more words


Weather Mess

What a weekend,  yuk! High winds and a lot of rain!!!  I did have another visit from my new buddy the Great Blue Heron,  its funny,   he is very interested in the statue I have at the pond. 302 more words


Happy Thanksgiving

It’s a horrible stormy day except the temperature is incredibly warm.  I found my outdoor friends looking a bit confused but it will be short-lived as cold and wind is coming back. 63 more words


Lesson 1566 - Damn Peckers

We are under attack at our house. It seems that for the first time in 25 years, woodpeckers are drilling holes with abandon in our home. 389 more words


Unexpected Surprise :)

How exciting,  I looked outside just as a Great Blue Heron stopped in for a visit.  It is a bad picture but if you look close you can see I have different Heron ornaments around each pond so he fit right in!!! 45 more words