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Red-Bellied Woodpecker

The woodpeckers do enjoy their peanuts! This male and female made many trips to the feeder today for a peanut snack. The last photo appears to be that of a young male.


Found the Lost Feeder

Remember earlier in the summer when we lost the big woodpecker feeder?

Mom found it. It was by the front pond where the old dock used to be before it rotted and fell apart. 108 more words

Personal Junk

All Quiet

Day 10: Tandayapa to Quito

We spent a restful morning wondering why there was so little action at the feeders. Dan, our trip leader, said he scheduled extra time here because it was always so good! 220 more words


Rocky Weekend

My husband and I spent last weekend in Rocky Mountain National Park.

We took a hike up North Moraine, along the Ypsilon Lake Trail. About a mile up, I stopped to photograph this good looking male hairy woodpecker. 380 more words

Colorado Mileposts

World of Woodpeckers

Happy Woodpecker Wednesday! I thought I’d do something a little different for our feature this week. Instead of a species profile, today’s post is going to be facts about woodpeckers in general. 487 more words


Our American Goldfinch flock has left.  I haven’t seen them in our garden for a week.  I don’t really expect them back until next spring. In the finch zone I wonder if this will be a winter of siskins as last one was.  170 more words

Natural History

Mustached Male

This week’s photo, taken October 12, 2016 in Richmond Beach Park in Shoreline, WA, features a male NORTHERN FLICKER in lovely morning light. The male Red-shafted (Western) Northern Flicker sports a red mustache, making it easy for us to determine its sex. 10 more words