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Without Words, Without Silence

“I always remember spring-time in southern China. The birds sing among innumerable kinds of fragrant flowers.”

Such was Fuketsu’s response to a monk’s question, “Without speaking, without silence, how can you express the truth?” 85 more words


Rest, Breathe and Feed

The last two weeks have gone fairly well for Shug and me. We have never seen so many birds at the feeders as we have the past several weeks. 486 more words


Downy Woodpeckers - Male and Female

One year ago I posted some photos of my “Love Sick Downy Woodpecker.” He thought his reflection in the window was a female. Poor guy keep doing all he could to attract this illusionary mate. 148 more words


3/27/15: In the garden this week

Here in the central part of Bergen County, the snow is gone, although in more northern towns quite a lot remains. The temperature has reached the 50s for the first time, springlike temperatures are predicted for the week ahead, and we’ve had the kind of gentle rain that encourage birds to search for insect food in lawns. 559 more words


Flight Patterns and Woodpeckers

by Dave Hanks

Have you ever seriously watched birds fly? Undoubtedly, you’ve watched the high fliers like geese, as they wing overhead. But have you ever paid attention to how smaller birds fly from tree to tree, or tree to bush, bush to ground? 284 more words


More signs of spring

This morning was frosty, but then that was to be expected after the beautiful sunny day we had yesterday.  The weekend saw the return of the red kite on Saturday wheeling above the field, closely shadowed by one of the buzzards who have made the copse their home.   131 more words

Down Ampney

Back To The Bathroom

Another rainy day here in Georgia, which could only mean one thing for me – back to the bathroom!  If you happened to read my previous post, you’ll know that the last time it rained I turned my bathroom window into a makeshift bird blind.  152 more words