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Tell me, small creature...

Why don’t you run?

Have you grown tired of living.


Osoberry in Bloom

Meet Osoberry (Oemleria cerasiformas), also known as Indian Plum. It’s a Pacific Northwest Native, springing up in disturbed areas to hold onto soil with fibrous roots, and providing nectar to hummingbirds, moths, butterflies, and other pollinators when few other sources are available. 428 more words



“For many looking back at the medieval world ‘lit only by fire’, the dark and treacherous woods of northern Europe provide an appropriate home for the clichéd wolf: a monstrous predator perpetually in search of victims, its behaviour ranging from quiet seduction to frenzied slaughter. 51 more words

Apple Pie Hill

So, I am ashamed to say in all the years that I have lived in the NJ PIne Barrens, I have never been to Apple Pie Hill.   329 more words

New Jersey

Stories of the Past

I cannot help but wonder

As I walk this path, so overgown

Just who wandered through these woods

Before this world was known?

Upon this rock where I find rest, 39 more words


bright around the edges ......

…..little bits of spring

red broom on the edge of woodland
little snow drops by blue water
yellow bales still in coils
by the barn…. 7 more words


Going "Up North" Again

For a birthday retreat, my wife and I were given permission to stay at a family members cabin in the north Michigan woods, a common occurrence for those of the mid-west. 81 more words