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Fall 2015 gunagraphics.com

I’ve been taking some long walks in the park. These are some of the fruits. Number 3 here is from Autumn last year, you can hardly tell the season but I like it because the ground looks lit up by a carpet of florescent leaves.


Tree at Proud Lake

I mentioned in this post that I need to wait for a windless day. I tried, and you see the results here… You can tell its a different day because the cloud formations, but the tree is just as shaky. Just add patients.


Walking in the woods

I went for a walk in the woods this evening, with my camera. I love having a forest nearby, to go jogging or walking in. If I’m in a bad mood I try to prioritize it, it’s one of my life saviours. 20 more words


Prologue by Anonymous


          The air was thick with the heat of August, but that didn’t stop sisters Fela and Farryn from chasing the fireflies in their family’s large backyard.   721 more words


Crocodile Lurking

Of course, there are no crocodiles in England. I can’t help myself sometimes, but my imagination sees forms within forms, and my mind just connects the dots and we have a dragon sailing across the sky, but of course there are no dragons in England, either. 75 more words

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