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Winning is Good

I have a few questions for sports fans everywhere: what’s wrong with being excellent?  What is wrong with dominating performances?  What is wrong with continual success?  704 more words



what waves lap the shore
of the small lake did they originate
in wind or lake’s breath from within
I feel what I feel I see what I see… 117 more words


Haiku-The Icy Woods

Icy tentacles

Reach out from a prison of

Frigid dismay and

Sway in a collective dance,

Keeping the madness at bay   9 more words

The Holy Sepulcher and the Natural Reserve of Rufeno Mountain

In this post I’ll tell you a tour that I made a Saturday with my dad. This time we wanted to see the waterfalls located in the… 971 more words


Golden Rays


Golden Rays

The forest is shrouded in a low blanket of fog, covering the sparsely clad trees in an air of mystery. The low winter sun breaks through, piercing the misty air with rays of warm, golden light. 22 more words

Misty and beardy and fluffy

Tiny floating twig – on a cobweb – in the middle of nothing. Behind it – leaves – ivy up a trunk – and holly. 504 more words