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Path in the Woods

Even though the leaves, moss and ferns in the woods on this path to one of the beaches in La Push, WA were such an amazing green, I enjoy looking at this picture in black and white.   12 more words


Fungi everywhere

Or, it’s all about the fungi.

At least it is in the woods right now. Okay, wait. It’s also all about the spiders and frogs, too, because I walked through webs aplenty (and tried not to think about hitchhikers) and every time I stepped foot near the tiny lake in the woods, the frogs practically knocked each other out trying to get out of my way. 440 more words

Country Life

A Spiral to Muse Archimedes

Once I was running and I ran too fast
Right by a protruding branch
It cut deep through my arm
And I bled so much… 34 more words


Oh the places you go...

I have been working on my photos.  Going through the various locations. Trying to find just the right ones.  Eventually I will find my groove here.  38 more words

Scary Clowns Are Luring Children Into The Woods In North Carolina

What in the actual…? Buzzfeed reports residents of a North Carolina town are living in fear of clowns luring their children into the woods! There have been multiple complaints made to local authorities and an apartment complex’s management. 165 more words



Been trying to get the hang of fur! Not sure if I will end up using this as part of my new collection, thinking of adding some woodland around it, toadstools and the like! 19 more words


Cabeswater from The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater