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Woodstock - Documentary


M/6 | 3h 4min | Documentary, History, Music | 1969

The Woodstock Music & Art Fair—informally, the Woodstock Festival or simply Woodstock—was a music festival attracting an audience of over 400,000 people, scheduled over three days on a dairy farm in New York state from August 15 to 17, 1969, but ultimately ran four days long, ending August 18, 1969. 160 more words

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This world was crazy, scary and colorful. New impulses, causes and design. Welcome to the Hippie Era.

Vintage ORIGINAL 1969 Hippie Peace Protest Flag. Measures about 60″ x 36″. Acquired in 2016 from Mr. Brokenshire who got it while visiting his brother in San Francisco in that period (1969-1970). 10,604 more words

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What I'm Reading: A Freewheelin' Time

This book is one of those can’t sleep, can’t put down, can’t wait til the end but also don’t want it to end kind of books. 163 more words

Ravi Shankar ο Ινδός χίπις

Ραβί Σανκάρ
1920 – 2012

Ινδός συνθέτης, βιρτουόζος του σιτάρ, που συνέβαλε στη διάδοση της ινδικής μουσικής στη Δύση. 13 more words