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Luv {defined}

A casual way of saying you really like someone without freaking them out by saying I love you. Commonly used by people early on in relationships, where it is too soon to say I love you

{Dating for two weeks...Text Message} 
Guy: Meet you after work,luv, Bob. 317 more words
Cape Town

It was the summer of love, 1969, and the Woodstock music festival was taking place in Sullivan County, New York. Little did we know that it would become the premier rock festival of all time, still celebrated today.

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New Semester

The new semester has gone off with remarkably few hitches – I’ve been doing some volunteer work around campus, which means the wee one has gone off into daycare and is getting on splendidly with everyone there. 593 more words


Eco-Friendly New York State Summer Escapes

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks,” said naturalist John Muir. There is no better time than Summer to savor the great outdoors. 634 more words


cap(puccino) days

Being now officially hat mad, I have wanted to come up with more than one design for the newsboys.  Some people love big and puffy, and some people prefer a more compact look.   217 more words


Summer Days Are Here Again!

Leave it to Mussoorie: monsoon is moving slowly, and scheduled to start in early to mid-July, where we are… naturally, just as soon as we get back from our summer break! 420 more words


So You Want To Move To Mussoorie, Part III: Equipping Your Kitchen

It’s not uncommon to pick up a piece of kitchen equipment and see “made in India” on it. Unfortunately for anyone living in India, it’s highly likely these things are for export only – and that means that either you have to pay import taxes to buy it from somewhere else and bring it back to the land of its manufacture, you have to bring it with you from your home country, or you find a (generally) lesser quality local equivalent. 602 more words