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Drake Wins First Game in MVC, Beats Bradley by 10

DES MOINES – It’s been a rough year for the Drake men’s basketball team.  0-9 to start MVC play.

On Saturday the Bulldogs ended the losing skid, winning their first game in conference 80-70 over Bradley. 41 more words


WATCH: Shred Bots Crew @ Copper Mnt.

Check out Shred Bots crew member Torstein Horgmo, Kyle Mack & Nik Baden tear up the Woodward Park at Copper Mountain, CO. These kids make it all look easy.


Leaking the "Poindexter MEMO": Elaine Morton

“Elaine, I have profound disagreements with the substance of your position… We have established, I think, that pressure against Gaddafi does indeed work and can serve to condition/moderate his behavior.” CIA Vincent Cannistraro…

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Lesson 20: Individuation and the Ties That Bind

Today’s chapter was pretty interesting. It states that the concept of adolescence is a rather recent social construct. Before now, children were encouraged to start working, get married and have children by the age of 13 or 14. 1,177 more words

"Calling In The One" Project

Lesson 19: Reclaiming The Disowned Self

Today’s lesson, just like many in the past, can be elaborated over several pages or simply described in short: Be yourself! Often, while growing up, we are being taught that certain parts (both good and bad) of ourselves need to be shut down in order to fit in, in order to be who we are expected to become or who we need to turn into so to be part of groups we would like to belong to. 552 more words

"Calling In The One" Project

Lesson 18: Healing the Hungry Heart

Lesson 18 can be summarized like this: Give yourself what you’ve been wanting others to give you. Whatever lack of nurturing we have experienced in our childhood, wherever we have felt neglected by parents, siblings, caretakers and guardians, we ought to stop looking for it in relationships. 161 more words

"Calling In The One" Project