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Arens, Curry, Krepela and more lay waste to the park at Woodward Tahoe

The infamous Good Enough crew teamed up with Woodward Tahoe to release a heater of an edit today. Follow along with the likes of Jason Arens, Noah Curry, Khai Krepela and more as they spin, slide and bonk their way down Boreal’s parks. 14 more words

CATS Reflection - All The President's Men

In our CATS session on Thursday, we discussed the media impact of the Watergate scandal. 112 more words


CATS Reflection - Woodward and Bernstein

Having looked at Woodward and Bernstein in Semester 1, the session in Semester 2, built on the knowledge and understanding of the role these two gentlemen played in the uncovering of the whole Watergate scandal. 272 more words


Conceptual Constellation

An idea that stuck out to me in this week’s readings was the idea of abstraction/instantiation—this idea that sports are instances of abstract things. Wallace, when describing the performances of athletes, puts it this way: 254 more words


Moledor/Knapp connections

When the father of a fourth great-grandson of John Knapp and Agnes Trares Knapp wrote to me recently, I was reminded of when I was bitten by the genealogy bug. 321 more words


Summer camp is calling; sign up for Woodward Copper ski camp now

Photo provided by Woodward
Summer is nearly here and Woodward Copper is ready to rock and roll. Today, the session schedule for Woodward’s summer ski camp has been released. 21 more words

Woodward East - Summer Position Available

Woodward East is seeking a full-time photography instructor for the summer of 2015. The instructor will be in charge of the photography portion of Digital Media Camp and will work with campers in our 5000 square foot studio, in addition to the rest of camp. 106 more words