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Barcelona... The perfect movie set

Barcelona… The perfect movie set.

Barcelona is a city that captures peoples imagination. With its stunning architecture, mediterranean beaches, beautiful parks, mysterious little alleyways and lively atmosphere, it is the perfect setting for a movie. 614 more words


Kafka At The Circus – Woody Allen & Shadows And Fog

Sometimes people prefer a meal of starters to the supposed heights of fine dining. Here we give you all the appetisers you can gorge upon. This running column picks a celebrated auteur and dissects the lesser known or stranger items on their oeuvre. 1,291 more words

Hors D'oeuvres For Auteurs


There have been a number of movies in the last year that have been, despite their excellence, particularly hard to watch. Selma comes to mind, as it was difficult not to juxtapose yesterday’s historic struggle for voting rights for African Americans with today’s dispiriting attempts to roll those same rights back and disenfranchise those same people. 564 more words

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Woody Allen's Mentor

I WAS a bit fan of Woody Allen when he did comedy. Sadly, he decided that Bergman was more his thing. But before that, he was great at making people laugh. 64 more words


Annie Hall and Alvy Singer Fumble Through Knowing Each Other

What is I LOVE That Scene? It is a semi-regular feature on our website in which we detail one single film scene we adore. Typically, the scenes we discuss are those that force us to involuntarily exclaim “I LOVE That Scene!” when they are brought up in conversation, thus the name. 673 more words




He once didn’t show up to receive his Oscar because it clashed with his scheduled clarinet gig in the Manhattan Landmark hotel. 149 more words