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Golden Lion Tamarin Monkey

Notice sometimes things you make, take on a life of their own..


Hello everyone :)

It’s been a busy week or so what with being back at school. Gosh, it’s like I’ve never been away! I’ve had a lovely, relaxing time this weekend and enjoyed it, just doing some crafty stuff and watching what I wanted on my laptop. 399 more words


Hello everyone,

Been a few busy days yet again. Getting back into the swing of teaching and not having as much time for my own craft activities. 413 more words


Oxford Down. The fleece breed.

H C Stilgoe’s Adderbury ram lamb, champion at the 1943 Oxford Ram Fair
(Photo courtesy of Oxford Down SBA from http://oxforddownsheep.org.uk/)

I received 55 grams of this squishy fleece, all washed and ready to card for spinning from @bakewell_hearts during the holidays. 231 more words