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Introducing Miette

Okay, this isn’t exactly Miette, but the beginning rows of Miette, the uber-popular cropped sweater pattern from Andi Satterlund at Untangling Knots. I adore all Andi’s sweater designs, so this is just the first of many future projects. 271 more words


Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2015

I’m still reeling in the aftermath of the whirlwind of yarny goodness that was the Edinburgh Yarn Festival. What a weekend!

My apologies for the poor photo quality, my camera has died on me, and in the interim these photos were taken on my phone, indoors with no flash or focusing capabilities… 1,496 more words


Pushing up Daisies and Camellia

I have just published two new knitting patterns, Camellia and Dreaming Daisy shawl. This is Camellia:

The name came from the photos of the wristwarmers by the Camellia bushes in… 735 more words


Everyday Venice

One of the things that amazed me about Venice was how the Venetians live their lives in a City with few roads for cars, and instead, canals, bridges and alleyways. 1,206 more words


Hmm A Useful Purpose for Vulvas?



Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2013

This may be a very “gushy” blog post, with multiple instances of “lovely” and “fabulous”; please forgive me, I was overwhelmed by attending the first Edinburgh Yarn Festival on Saturday. 1,069 more words


Works in Progress by Azure

Looking to be inspired in the new year?

Check out this Wearable Art!

The following works belong to Azure, who is a passionate member of the Morris and Sons team. 78 more words