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A Brief Ode to Wool Socks

Thou tender encasement of woolen yarn,
Thou cocooning shelter of pooled warmth!
Sturdy cocoon, a harbor ‘gainst frost, your purled patterns
offer refuge for flesh, previously freed
to frolic in mosses and dance ‘round leafleted trees. 132 more words

What Run Oregon is Wearing: Farm to Feet socks

Jenny’s Impressions:

So I have this thing against wool anything. Whenever I was forced to wear it growing up, it was itchy, uncomfortable, horrible and I couldn’t wait until I could take it off. 1,699 more words

Product Review


A series, presented in partnership with getfit at MIT

So we’ve covered shoes. But what about the rest of your body? While getting in shape requires a certain amount of discomfort in order to make progress, there’s no reason your clothing should contribute to that. 232 more words


Chilblains (CHILL-blayns)

I was surprised when I started having sore toes. I was young. I had recently moved from an arctic region to a more moderate (though damp) climate and I couldn’t understand that I would have problems with my circulation here if I hadn’t had it in the upper latitudes of the world. 391 more words

Medical Experiences

9 Items to Improve Life a Little

This post is about a few of the items in my life that I really appreciate. It’s the stuff that I find myself using quite regularly or that I need to turn to in cases of sickness or emergency. 1,448 more words


Wool Wins!

Even though I have been hiking for a good part of my life (40 years), I have never considered wearing anything but cotton socks for my adventures. 296 more words

Thru-Hiking: Your Feet

Last night I had a bit of inspiration and began researching footwear, and various other things foot related in regard to thru-hiking.

We also set a date to begin our Appalachian Trail adventure. 552 more words