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A lazy post about another pair of socks

Eh, shit’s busy – working more to make up for vacation time, dealing with more house malfunctions, putting the garden to rest, and feeling the need for more rest that comes with less light. 593 more words


Favourite Insta Pics From October

This month as I have been so busy I didn’t have quite as much time to check up on Instagram pics or pics weren’t as good this month. 45 more words

Ethical Fashion

Back to Knitting

My socks and I have reunited, but our relationship isn’t quite as obsessive as it was a while back. I do still work on it when I’m on my lunch break at work, or if I need an easy travel project, but I’m on the same pair I started almost a month ago, and I’m not even halfway through the second sock. 227 more words

A Brief Ode to Wool Socks

Thou tender encasement of woolen yarn,
Thou cocooning shelter of pooled warmth!
Sturdy cocoon, a harbor ‘gainst frost, your purled patterns
offer refuge for flesh, previously freed
to frolic in mosses and dance ‘round leafleted trees. 132 more words

What Run Oregon is Wearing: Farm to Feet socks

Jenny’s Impressions:

So I have this thing against wool anything. Whenever I was forced to wear it growing up, it was itchy, uncomfortable, horrible and I couldn’t wait until I could take it off. 1,699 more words

Product Review


A series, presented in partnership with getfit at MIT

So we’ve covered shoes. But what about the rest of your body? While getting in shape requires a certain amount of discomfort in order to make progress, there’s no reason your clothing should contribute to that. 236 more words


Chilblains (CHILL-blayns)

I was surprised when I started having sore toes. I was young. I had recently moved from an arctic region to a more moderate (though damp) climate and I couldn’t understand that I would have problems with my circulation here if I hadn’t had it in the upper latitudes of the world. 391 more words

Medical Experiences