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In Defense of Wool Socks

If you know me, you know that the moment the weather drops below 60 degrees, I’ll be bitching about how cold I am until I get inside or someone tells me to shut the fuck up. 395 more words

Booting it into the New Year

When it’s 15 below zero and the sheet of ice still encasing the earth from the pre-Christmas storm lurks beneath a three-inch layer of snow that squeaks when you walk on it, you’d better be wearing the right boots. 745 more words

Another Pair (wool socks)

Was surprised receiving this picture from my mom. She made another pair of wool socks. This time they aren’t that traditional. For the first time, I see she made a different toe! 63 more words


Hand knitted socks

Hand knitted socks are something our family love! All my girls have wool socks to wear in boots when going out in winter. When we have to wait until our central heating heats up the house, wool socks are just in time!  60 more words


Baby It’s Cold Outside: Isn’t it Too Cold to Live in Vermont?

Bundle up! It’s that time of the year again. Many people move to Vermont every year for our quality of life. We are fortunate to live here, in Northern New England, as our weather and seasons are perpetually changing. 464 more words

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A lazy post about another pair of socks

Eh, shit’s busy – working more to make up for vacation time, dealing with more house malfunctions, putting the garden to rest, and feeling the need for more rest that comes with less light. 593 more words


Favourite Insta Pics From October

This month as I have been so busy I didn’t have quite as much time to check up on Instagram pics or pics weren’t as good this month. 45 more words

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