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Spun! How Very Seasonal of Me...




That’s 4 ounces of Montadale roving from Esther’s Place in Big Rock, Ill. (a fantastic little yarn & fiber shop if you’re ever in the area…well worth the drive, my friends). 270 more words


Octopi in Shropshire

Finished this little hat over the weekend.

It’s not very often that I finish a Woolalong project in the same month that the WAL began, but this time, I did it. 222 more words


Spun! A Little More Blue... And a New-to-Me Wool

More spinning for your Monday morning. This time, I tackled the first quarter of a pound’s worth of Oxford roving.

Now, if you weren’t aware, I should let you know I’m a bit of a breeds-hoar. 487 more words


A Fairly Uninteresting Pair of Mitts

I’m so sorry, dear readers. I’ve been neglecting you. I haven’t been taking pictures, but I promise, the knitting and spinning continue apace.

Some time ago…a few weeks perhaps?…I finished a pair of mitts: 187 more words


She Wore a Raspberry...Well, Not Actually a Beret, Because I Don't Like Those...


Isn’t it exciting to finish a thing?

This began as 4 ounces of Teeswater from Southern Cross Fibre in the colorway Festival Fuschia, and was spun into a sportweightish 2-ply yarn. 105 more words


Simultaneously Too Close and Too Far

Too close to being a finished mitten.

Too far from the cast on.

For what, you ask?

To rip it, of course.

Over the weekend, I pulled out this single mitten, which has been languishing lo these two years, and I gave it a thumb, which was all it was missing. 193 more words


Big Girl Pants...and Some Wool, to Take the Edge Off

Well, let me tell you. After posting about my new attempt to control stash yesterday, the spoilers went up for Southern Cross Fibre Club, along with some coordinating semi-solids. 466 more words