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In wonder of Woolfest

Blogging hasn’t quite ingrained itself in me yet but I’m working at it and couldn’t miss telling you about my inspiring day at Woolfest. Unbelievably, it was almost a month ago. 124 more words

Where does time go? Woolfest recap at last

I cannot believe it has been two full weeks since I went to Woolfest. I feel like I spent a few hours at Woolfest in the middle of holidays with my family, finished said holidays a couple days after, came back home, did a few random things that “don’t take long”, and it’s already today. 1,426 more words



Here we are on our wonderful stand at Woolfest in Cumbria having spent the afternoon setting up our display of rigid heddle looms, hand woven garments and our latest book GET WEAVING. 13 more words

That Woolfest time of year, with a bit of Bike rally on the side

Yes, the weekend before last was Woolfest and what a good one it was too.

The Friday was a bit frantic for me as it involved a trip to Manchester airport and back in time to pick up the Blackpool/Lancaster minibus, and thus the potential of being held up, missing the minibus pick up and having to drive up to Cockermouth too. 883 more words

Bike Rally Fundraiser

Hi again. :) Thought I would just do another quick blog post about the blending board I bought at Woolfest. It was bought from the very nice people of Hedgehog Equipment. 307 more words

Hello everyone!

These past few weeks have been completely fleece and fibre full!  I’ve been literally counting down the days to the most amazing wool festival on Earth – Woolfest. 789 more words

Raw Fleece

This time last week I was at Woolfest in Cockermouth, Cumbria looking at sheep and all things woolly.

I was also spending far too much money on things like naturally dyed embroidery wool from The Mulberry Dyer, knitting patterns (which given my lack of knitting ability is perverse to say the least!) and raw fleece at their fleece sale.   209 more words