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The Decision Tree

Decision Tree stands alone

Before the fork in the road

Or in this case, the fork in the hot dog.

“I’m of two minds on this,” says the ginger Jesus freak… 194 more words


Day 12: For the Love of the Game

Growing up, I was an avid Oiler’s fan. I collected all of the cool hockey cards, in fact I still have my collection; these would have to be from around the 1990’s. 246 more words

Woolly Bully or . . . ?

So, bullying. Yep, a hot topic, especially if you have school aged children. I hate it when someone bigger or older or several people gang up on someone else. 339 more words

Small World

Shhh - This a Silent Disco Zone

There’s a new fad sweeping across America.  Actually, it’s more like creeping across America.  Like most fads do it started in Europe and then spread across the pond to Montreal, which likes to pretend its European even though the French can’t understand a word the Montrealites say and become very annoyed when they say them.  628 more words

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