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Trump, war, the Pentagon and the conservative establishment

Trump and his defense-sector dominated administration are clearly salivating at the thought taking military action against Iran and North Korea (at the very least) while the mainstream media foments and reinforces this sentiment through its unremitting anti-Russian hysteria and by showering the Trump administration with praise and flattery every time it even hints at intervention or takes military action. 1,282 more words


First Company Applies For Illinois Fracking Permit

Illinois is one step closer to having a fracking operation in the state, four years after a law was signed to pave the way for it to happen. 8 more words

Smart Meters Subject to Hacking -- KPHO-TV

Smart Meters are dangerous devices that, in addition to being subject to hacking, cause house fires, invade your privacy and may make you sick.

Here is a video of a news cast led by Lindsey Reiser on Channel 5 in Phoenix on March 20, 2015 entitled “New Utility Meters Could Be Vulnerable To Hacking” —> 241 more words