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Islam: Civilising the World for 1300 years

I saw some racist graffiti scrawled on a wall in a Gent’’s loo the other day and it targeted some of my friends who happen to be Muslim. 337 more words

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I didn't even know how to say 'HELLO': a conversation with a deaf person

Have you ever been on holiday to another country without learning even the most simple phrases?

I haven’t! I always make sure that I have picked up some of the basics; how to greet someone, and say goodbye and, of course, ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you.’ … 350 more words

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LOVE ALWAYS WINS: Interfaith not Terrorism

Wednesday 22nd March was a day of hope and terror.

In the morning a group of interfaith friends from Sandwell had asked if they could visit the prayer room and talk about Chaplaincy. 315 more words

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The Rabbi, The Vicar and the Buddhist...

The Rabbi, the Vicar and the Buddhist…no it’s not the start of one of those jokes.

Rather it is the group of people who gathered in the Prayer Room at Worcestershire Royal Hospital to sign and affirm our multi-faith covenant. 316 more words

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All the staff have been marvellous; so caring and kind.” Credit where it is due!

The curtains were drawn as I entered the two bedded bay, called there by a staff nurse.

And there was my patient, let’s call her Mary, with daughter and brother at her side. 326 more words

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The Rocking Chair...

For all the world it was an idyllic scene. The mother, in a rocking chair, slowly rocking her 9 month old baby. Cooing to him and singing him lullabies, surrounded by the trappings of the post-Christmas season; Christmas PJ’s, ‘cuddlies’ and toys. 359 more words

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Dear Jeremy Hunt. Worcestershire Acute is not a "BASKET CASE".

Dear Jeremy Hunt MP,

I watched you on the TV last night express your concern for Worcestershire Hospital saying that it is “probably the hospital you are most worried about.” 428 more words

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